The Top Ten Stocks for May 20

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May 20 (Bloomberg) -- Bloomberg's Trish Regan, Julie Hyman and Cristina Alesci report on today's ten most important stocks including Smith & Wesson, Carnival and Credit Suisse. (Source: Bloomberg)

Lower-than-expected quarterly sales due to the severe winter that impacted so many quarter -- so many this quarter.

A full-year earnings estimate.

May is going ok.

Staples is down over 12%, suffering their worst day in two months after reporting weaker than expected first-quarter earnings.

They also have had their fifth straight quarterly decline in sales this year.

Sounds like a stuff wrote -- a tough road ahead.

Immunity health systems up over two percent, saying the shares said -- shares should significantly outperform the companies leveraged in health care reform.

Tough competition force the sale plunge of 12%. number six, cheesecake factory, down slightly, dealing with maximus caterers, to open at least 14 restaurants.

Producers were mentioning that.

That is like the biggest piece of cheesecake you will get in your entire life.

It can feed a family of five.

[laughter] ironically.

Number five, dick's sporting goods, down almost 18%, sporting goods retailers suffering after it cut its outlook for the year, saying that they continue to struggle in the golf and hunting categories, shares touching their lowest level in a few years.

And yet hunting sales?

Gun sales are going up on the thinking that perhaps there would be some kind of restriction.

Many people are not as worried.

Orbitz spikes back in march, but settled back to the level it saw for most of the year, between seven and eight.

Weapons smith is up today, after it upgraded the stock from outperform to neutral.

Outperforming the market this year, nearly 15%. morgan stanley upgraded the stock to equal weight.

The travel leisure business is expiring.

You had to get this, credit suisse, it had been up as much as one percent.

The bank has agreed to pay two $.6 billion in penalties after pleading guilty to helping americans cheat on their taxes, making an interesting side note, and this is just in.

They are upset that none of the top officials were held accountable and that the banks were forced to hold over names of americans who had secret accounts with credit suisse.

Again, there is a lot of criticism that no one in management is being ousted.

With training, we are off the lows we saw earlier today.

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