The Top Ten Stocks for May 2

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May 2 (Bloomberg) -- Bloomberg's Trish Regan, Matt Miller and Julie Hyman report on today's ten most important stocks including News Corp., Endocyte and Pfizer. (Source: Bloomberg)

The close.

Time for your top 10. rbs jumping the most int w is in london.

First quarter profits rose to $2 billion.

Number nine, when macao up almost 45%. they posted earnings that beat analysts estimates.

-- analysts' estimates.

Number eight, google shares.

The internet search giant is being sued for allegedly using its markets power to force android systems to use its apps.

The restrictions, they claim, made the phones more expensive.

Sony up almost 2.5%. the maker of the playstation those did a wider than expected forecast.

A preliminary net loss of one point $3 billion, the third downward revision for this company.


Number six is linkedin.

The professional social network posted -- that fell short of analyst's as to ms.. they hope to fuel a revenue rise.

The athletic shoe maker says it may lead a group and buying part of the los angeles clippers.

This would give skechers a market opportunity to turn its brand into a serious athletic brands.

Of course they are enjoying a long line of other people who have said they are interested in the clippers.

There is a lot of competition.

There definitely is.

All of the players for the clippers, obviously would wear skechers.

The boston marathon was wearing skechers, right?

That was a big move for them.

The shares went up on that day because they had btl.

I did not know they were trying to do that.

I thought that were skechers were just for dan marino to shape his butt.

They are aerobic shoes.

Apparently they are basketball shoes, too.

Or skate shoes.


next, skullcandy, posting less than had been estimated.

Sales were slightly lower.

The company forecast second-quarter to be about breakeven.

Number three, news corporation, down slightly.

The company on by -- by rupert murdoch has announced it will purchase harlequin, the publisher of super cheesy novels.

It is expected to bolster their book unit sales.

I am so surprised that harlequin is worth four to $15 million.

I cannot believe they are still around.

The company following the most since 2011. they failed to help patients in a drug trial.

The study was canceled after they showed that they did not have efficiency in their treatment.

And that is the bell.

We have pfizer and astrazeneca.

Astrazeneca said that the offer failed to appreciate the value of the promising medicines under development.

Here we are with

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