The Top Ten Stocks for May 19

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May 19 (Bloomberg) -- Bloomberg's Trish Regan, Cory Johnson and Cristina Alesci report on today's ten most important stocks including AstraZeneca, DirecTV and Pfizer. (Source: Bloomberg)

10%. walgreen's purchase 45% of line foods back in 2012. campbell soup trading in the red, cutting its full-year forecast since they are coming in short on analyst estimates.

I would think the weather would help them.

Number eight, dekkers outdoor slightly up.

They are graded to a buy rating and a 94 rice target -- rice target -- price target.

Number seven, debbie debbie lee -- wwe, downgraded again.

Google shares up almost two percent, the wall street journal reporting that they are in talks with twitch tv.

That would boost the youtube service.

I might -- they might raise their own capital.

Apple in the green, the stock first thing through extended dollars a share and touching its highest level since october of 2012. the move comes after apple and google agreed to dismiss all outstanding patent disputes.

Dismiss them all?

Shake hands and be nice.

That does not normally happen.

Not at all.

Up four percent, after announcing plans to spin off its automotive interior business.

To be clear i do not control them.

[laughter] number three, soaring 12 point five percent.

Shares are exploding, adding a fresh high after an experimental long to treat lung disorder showed positive results in the late stage trials.

Pfizer inc.

In the green as it works to increase its bid for astrazeneca.

Astrazeneca down by more than 10%. we are seeing more inversion deals in general.

We were talking about walgreen's and lion foods.

We have american companies relocating overseas, there is a tax incentive.

It is going to be a whole lot less and the way of taxes out of the cave -- out of the u.k. are number one stock of the day, at&t and direct tv.

Both down over one percent after they announced they would do a deal worth up doesn't renew the deal for nfl sunday ticket.

A little cocky up.

Here he are at the close of

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