The Top Ten Stocks for May 16

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May 16 (Bloomberg) -- Bloomberg's Alix Steel, Julie Hyman and Cristina Alesci report on today's ten most important stocks including Rackspace, Cliffs Natural Resources and J.C. Penney. (Source: Bloomberg)

We are heading into the close, and it is time for the top 10. number 10, nordstrom.

Up 14%. the best performer in the s&p, the highest retailer bidding -- beating estimates.

Number nine is union pacific, down about two percent.

Increasing capital expenditures by $150 million.

They agreed to by pharmaceuticals for $2.9 billion, significantly expanding its presence in latin america.

Your number seven stock is down more than four percent.

The oil and natural gas companies suffering its worst day in three months which is after it said it will proceed with a spinoff.

Why is the stock down?

That is a great question.

I have no idea.

Oil services are at a great business, but they have been under pressure that they might need to raise cash.

Number six is dillards.

Up about 15%. coming in slightly short of expectations.

Those shares are hitting a fresh all-time high.

Trends are starting to improve, and investors are starting to move ahead.

Darden restaurants it down about four percent after it agreed to sell red leicester -- red lobster chains.

The question is can anything turnaround red lobster?

These are private equity guys, and they do not over paper assets.

Investors thought this was a cheap price for the deal.

I have not been through all of the numbers yet but -- the customer base is not going to want to pay for a lobster?

How do you change that around?

It is about the uneven economic recovery.

It is the lower and that is getting hit.

In the sweet spot right now, if you're looking at the casual dining it is in the upper end of last boot -- fast food.

Gourmet overtones.

Even the other companies that darden still others are not doing great.

Shares hitting an all-time high, after they got upgraded to buy from neutral.

Number three, rackspace has surged up almost three percent.

The stock enjoying its best day in nearly six years, i much-needed boost after falling 50% so the beginning of 2013. the international mining company was downgraded to neutral today.

Roughly 40% lower than where it was based now.

The number one stock of today, jcpenney soaring 16%. the retailer gaining again and a fantastic year.

The stock has hit its highest level in five months.

Stocks closing near the highs of the day.

Roughly a 70 point swing from the lows to the highs.

Despite this rally that we saw we're are still seeing the dow and the s&p ended the week in the red.

A lot of it had to do with the next mixed economic data we received this morning.

It is a bit of a disconnect.

We did see that indecision

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