The Top Ten Stocks for May 13

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May 13 (Bloomberg) -- Bloomberg's Trish Regan, Julie Hyman and Alix Steel report on today's ten most important stocks including Allergan, OpenTable and AT&T. (Source: Bloomberg)

22%. this after posting a surprise loss.

The maker of elizabeth taylor and britney spears brand perfume also said it is hiring goldman sachs to explore strategic options.

Number nine, pandora up seven percent.

The company raising the annual forecast after reporting revenue that exceeded analyst estimates in the first quarter.

Also raising the store opening forecast to 225 outlets.

Next number eight, keurig green mountain.

Coca-cola will raise its stake in the company.

Claiming to exercise the option to buy additional stocks within the next nine months.

Number seven pnb paribas.

Seeking 3.5 billion dollars from the bank to resolve federal and state investigations into dealing with sanctioned countries including iraq and iran.

Shares rising ahead of earnings report.

The fuel cell provider saying it will hit 3000 shipments in 2014. number five, microsoft.

Introducing a lower-priced version of the xbox one gaming console.

It cost $399 and will not include the connect motion system.

It comes with sony close -- sony playstation 4 console.

Initially microsoft has been resistant to doing this.

Because sony is basically eating its lunch and has been, it feels like it has to offer more options.

Make sense.

You can play ping-pong.

It is really fun.

I am sure matt miller uses it.

I am sure he does.

If he was here, he would have things to say about it.

Exxon igo three percent.

Raised to an investment grade rating.

-- up three percent.

Wanting to sweeten the proposal for the maker.

Rejecting the previous offer.

Quoting is substantially undervalued the company.

Number two, opentable down seven percent.

More competition.

Down after reports yelp has incorporated technology into the online offering before forming a new free reservation service.

Details are not clear but it sounds like unlike opentable, maybe the businesses will not have to pay a fee if they are ready use the service.

Coming up on the number one stock of the day.

At&t bolling just over one percent.

The company said to be in talks to acquire satellite-tv provider direct tv for about $50 billion.

A deal could be reached in the next couple of weeks.

We did hear criticism about the deal.

One analyst said it makes sense from a financial perspective.

Will help protect the dividend.

Others saying it did not strategically make sense.

Would rather see them spend $50 billion expanding its own wireless capability.

Here we are at the close of trading.

Looks like the third day of

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