The Top Ten Stocks for May 12

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May 12 (Bloomberg) -- Bloomberg's Trish Regan, Matt Miller and Julie Hyman report on today's ten most important stocks including Tesaro, Monster Beverage and Pinnacle Foods. (Source: Bloomberg)

Have upgraded based on upbeat prospects, also saying that the recent selloff has created a buying opportunity.

Number nine is apple, shares are up one percent despite the acquisition of beef, expensive and out of character, not just -- not that much money.

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Number eight, racing to buy, 117, shares are at an all-time high.

Number seven, american apparel, the biggest one-day gain since they reported 1.63% in a passive space in the apparel company.

Making it one of the top five holders of the stock.

Number six is twitter.

It is up six percent today.

The stock to -- the stock moved higher for mutual in suntrust, down 50% year to date.

Number five, down more than one percent, rejecting valeant pharmaceuticals international us the to take over, saying that it substantially under prop -- undervalues the company.

Some analysts are saying that even if they did accept it, it is not a foregone conclusion that it would go through because of various other hurdles.

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Soaring at 6.5%, a smaller loss unexpected, at&t said that they would offer a competing service with internet access on airplanes.

Number three, soaring over 21% today, the company announced positive results from the final phase of its new drug use to present -- prevent chemotherapy induced nausea.

Targets at $66. number two, monster beverages up almost five percent.

It was no catalyst today, but they did report earnings that beat estimates last week.

All right, here we are at our number one stock for the day.

Chemical -- chemical foods, dumping 13%. the companies being acquired by hillshire brands in a deal worth $6.6 billion.

We are coming up on the close of trading and it looks like we will be at yet another record.

The dow jones and the s&p with a triple digit gain their, optimism on the heels of their m&a that we are seeing, with

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