The Top Ten Stocks for May 1

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May 1 (Bloomberg) -- Bloomberg's Trish Regan, Cristina Alesci and Matt Miller report on today's ten most important stocks including Avon, Ford, Toyota and DirecTV. (Source: Bloomberg)

Number 10, like medicine -- legg mason after posting fourth-quarter revenue that missed analyst estimates.

Continuing to struggle as investors turn away from fixed income.

Number nine mastercard.

Hosted first-quarter profit that beat analyst estimates.

This as consumer spending rose and the labor market saw improvements.

The ceo did note he expects u.s. tensions with russia to have a small impact on this year's earnings.

Number eight, yelp pouring almost nine percent.

-- soaring almost nine percent.

Fourth-quarter revenue beat predictions of $75 million.

The company sided to outperform.

Number seven, yum!

Brands down slightly.

The company announced greg creed will be appointed the new ceo am effective january 2015. he will replace david novak.

The man responsible for bringing the doritos locos taco.

I preferred the double-decker myself.

The soft taco with the heart talkard taco.

88% beef.

Number two, pfizer.

Astrakhanset to be sweetening the deal for astrazeneca.

The offer will come through next week.

More on the story later in the roundup.

Number five, avon down.

They have agreed to pay 135 million dollars to resolve u.s. probe on whether or not it paid bribes in china and other countries.

The five-year-old investigation has cost avon almost $400 million.

That is a lot of money.

A lot of mascara.

A lot of lip gloss.

A door to door?

Today comes around?

It is really big in emerging markets.

When he said he emerging markets, i thought you meant misery and alabama -- missouri.

In ohio, i grew up with the avon lady coming around.

I remember that sort of thing.

Number four, abercrombie & fitch up three percent.

They have named four new independent directors to the board after numerous by activist to change of management.

Announcing plans to hire tw presidents.

O adam johnson always wears it.

The hollister t-shirts on the weekend.

Number four, -- number three thomas ford.

Shares in the red.

Sales fell.

They have announced officially finally that mark fields is the next ceo.

Toyota posted a sales beat, citing them in some number two is t-mobile.

They added one point in the first quarter.

More than at&t and verizon combined.

They may be planning to make a purchase.

Let's move on for number one stock as the closing bell rings.

It is directv.

They are considering a bid to acquire directv.

The talks follow comcast's agreement to purchase time warner cable for $35 million.

Yesterday was a new record high for the dow.

You are looking at a dow that

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