The Top Ten Stocks for March 6

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March 6 (Bloomberg) –- Bloomberg’s Adam Johnson, Julie Hyman and Alix Steel report on today’s ten most important stocks including Costco, Yum! Brands and Staples. (Source: Bloomberg)

Five percent today after crawl icon published an open letter to ebay shareholders.

He says he's encouraged by a survey that indicates shareholders are in favor of separating paypal from the company.

Number nine is soda stream, up 3%. the ceo establishing -- one analyst establishing a long position on the stock.

We just bought one.

We have one.

I'm into it.

What labor deal i question our i like ginger ale.

I like plain.

We bought some for my parents and my husbands parents.

Once you buy one, you are done.

You get the heart ridges.

Dish network is up 2% after one analyst list the price target from 85 to 65. he says it's a must own asset.

Pixelworks -- the semi conductor up 85% today.

The company's sales represented more than 10% of its avenue -- revenue.

That is incredible.

85% in one day.

Kroger -- the supermarket chain black today after reporting results that topped analyst estimates.

They are considering a bid to buy part of safeway to compete with on private labeled lands -- on private label brands.

Number five is dean.

It still requires approval from the european union.

A beam executive says it will be clear in april.

You know what goes well with beam?


That homemade ginger ale you're talking about.

Did call.

Urban and ginger.

Makers and ginger is my personal preference.

If only you could use soda stream to make it.

That the next thing.

Maybe soda stream can end the day still.

3-d printing to the liquor business.

That could happen.

I know what to get you for your next earth day.

The fda gave approval for the company to manufacture their present his new production unit.

Number three as cosco.

Falling after reporting profits that mr.

Analyst estimates.

Discounts meant to attract holiday shoppers failed.

Number two is yum rands, rising 3% today, one of the biggest gains on the s&p. they were raised from outperform to neutral, citing the company's troubled business in china.

And it's time for our number and it's time for our number one.

We are talking staples.

The office supplier now announces it will close as many as 200 and 25 stores in north america and cut costs by as much as $500 million by the end of 2015. we will have more of that on the roundup.

[closing bell] there is the closing bell.

We are up, but not quite as much as we were.

What do you make of the action?

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