The Top Ten Stocks for March 31

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March 31 (Bloomberg) -- Bloomberg's Trish Regan, Alix Steel and Julie Hyman report on today's ten most important stocks including Target, GM and AT&T. (Source: Bloomberg)

Number 10, tesla motors.

Carmakers down two percent today.

The company's general manager in china resigned unexpectedly for personal reasons as the ceo prepares deliveries of the model s. more on that in the wrapup.

Number nine on the lululemon shares up slightly.

The yoke of maker -- yoga apparel maker was raised from an outperform rating to neutral.

Number eight is fedex.

Up about half a percent.

Joining a lawsuit filed by new york city against the company stating it wrongfully delivered 140 tons of unpacked cigarettes ordered through the internet or by mail.

Deliveries were made despite an agreement in 2006 in which fedex said it would keep those shipments.

Number seven, johnson & johnson.

The health-care company has accepted a $4 billion offer from carlisle to acquire the diagnostics unit.

It had been for sale in november and went for nine point i billion in sales last year.

Number six, microsoft up two percent.

The new ceo, satya nadella announcing new leadership roles.

Believing -- will leave the cloud enterprise division and spencer will now head the xbox business.

Number five, disney with shares up about five percent.

The animated show "frozen" the highest grossing of all time of a total of just over one billion.

My son's first film in the theater.

He liked it.

He had not been singing the song like some.

This is my daughter's favorite movie.

We all had to wear pigtails after they saw it.

Our debit has to do -- part of that has to do with ticket sales are higher.

I am sure.

I am looking forward to " captain america number two." number four, target.

Downgraded from a plus two and a. they suffer the largest data breach ever during the holiday season last year were over 110 million customers were affected.

Number three, gm.

Shares down slightly.

According to documents obtained by an escalator saw automaker canceled a proposed fix for the ignition switch failures and the car.

A professional hearing set for tomorrow.

2.6 million small cars recalled.

Number two, fannie mae and freddie mac, both of them are up.

Bill increase his stake in the stock.

Just be clear here, some hedge fund managers have gotten into preferred stock.

He is in the comps.

Number one stock of the day is at&t, up slightly.

They have approved the buyback of 300 million shares.

Since 2000 12 the company acquired over 770 5 million shares.

We are at the close of trading right now.

The fifth consecutive quarterly gain for the market with dow

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