The Top Ten Stocks for March 27

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March 27 (Bloomberg) -- Bloomberg's Trish Regan, Matt Miller and Julie Hyman report on today's ten most important stocks including Baxter International, GameStop and Microsoft. (Source: Bloomberg)

We close down to the closing bell.

Now six percent after its new ceo said he plans to speed up the retailers move into new markets around the world.

Earlier, the where maker posted fourth-quarter results and profit outlooks below analyst estimates.

The buyout firm is taking the holdings public.

It is to raise as much as $780. the third hotel chain in the past five months.

Blackberry is down 2.5%. analyst they're setting an uncertain future for blackberries handsets.

Who knew.

Fourth-quarter earnings are up this year.

Class it is amazing.

-- it is amazing.

I lost it and i never replaced it.

The biggest decline falling more than five percent, the company raised its full-year profit forecast lower than estimated second-quarter results . the center recently entered the $91 million deal to be the contractor to fix

Class number six, the city, they failed to pass a stress tests on a qualitative basis, finding defects in its assessment of global exposure.

The central bank denied the request to increase the dividend to five cents per share.

Kings digital entertainment is down again today a day after it a view.

-- its debut.

It suffered the biggest decline of a newly listed u.s. company in over four months when it started trading.

It did price chairs with discounts with major fears the stock was down 15% in the debut yesterday.

There has been a lot of talk about valuations in technology.

We had a whole discussion about it yesterday.

The fact that it was not just down yesterday and continues to be down today, shows there is deftly air coming down.

People are worried.

The company has one big game.

We know how fickle gamers are.

It is true.

I am a gamer and m fickle as well.

You can understand why people are worried.

You only have one game that is really popular.

You cannot really ensure you will have the revenue stream.

Number four is out,. now up six percent, they consider new wrist -- new restrictions on the warehousing of metal.

They note the pending changes could be a positive.

Number three is baxter international.

The company is rising almost five percent after it announced plans to set into two different companies.

One buying pharmaceuticals, the other on medical products.

Baxter expects ace -- gamestop shares falling four percent after the retailer posted fourth-quarter results and issued a full-year earnings forecast that trailed analyst estimates.

Gamestop also said it expects to reduce its videogame count the two percent.

Number one is microsoft.

The ceo will hold nothing back.

Users will be able to view their office documents for free on their ipads.

They will be able to edit documents.

We are at the close of trading.

We will see how this shakes out.

We were waffling between

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