The Top Ten Stocks for March 25

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March 25 (Bloomberg) -- Bloomberg's Matt Miller, Julie Hyman and Olivia Sterns report on today's ten most important stocks including GM, McCormick and Carnival. (Source: Bloomberg)

10, ebay.

The e-commerce company did not endorse carl icahn some new filing.

Not really a surprise.

Carl icahn took a stake in january and has been pushing for a spinoff of its paypal unit proposed last week, an ipo of the online payments company with everybody works there thinking he is super annoying.

Class number nine, up one percent today.

Elon musk's solar panel company announced the largest aggregation facility today, receiving $250 million in financing by bankamerica as the sole structuring unit.

About $4 billion to fund the like projects.

Number eight is twitter falling 1.5% today despite the fact twitter got two upgrades today.

Deutsche bank said investors should buy head of volatility and the recent weakness is perhaps a buying opportunity.

Class telephone rising one percent.

The house intelligence committee proposed earlier legislation that would end the nsa's phone records old spying program.

It would require carriers like at&t and verizon to keep the data and only when the government issued a directive with a handed over.

They are still keeping it.

Class i am trying to get it -- get over how old-fashioned you are by calling telephone still.

A lot of traders call it telephone.

Even the young ones.

And i am old.

They are hitting a new 52-week high.

Almost 11%. the company's earnings jumped 15% in the second quarter, eating estimates.

A decrease in costs and expenses were reported.

Class number five, google is up slightly today.

The company announced a partnership with the group that owns ray-ban sunglasses.

It is going to design and develop and distribute a new version -- you do not perhaps like the way they look.

They will now team up with the high-tech glasses -- they are making an attempt.

It is not just how they look.

What they do.

What they do is my problem.

I am the guy who lives to solve things with words.

I am not a fighter.

I am a lover.

When i see someone wearing those, i want to punch them in the face.

They make you want to be a fighter.

You will look cool and say, i want to wear those.

They are secretly taking pictures of me.

There is an interface between you and the other person.

Think about all the extended utilities and i love to ski.

You can have classes that help you ski.

I have ski goggles that do that.

You like to kill birds.

Imagine if it helps you hunt.

I had not thought about that.

You are the same as i am.

Everyone you would see with that ear clipping on, you just want to smack it out of their air.

Yes, i do.

But they are coming up with a way to try to cover it up.

I'm not sure if it will work or not.

Quick someday, greg, you and i are going to be called old-fashioned.

I already am.

General motors is down four percent.

Facing issues over ignitions switches.

Gm said it would not comment specifically on the suit or pending litigation.

[closing bell] and i know why she wants to get these done by the trade of day, because producers are yelling at me to hurry up.

Walgreens said it synergies with purchase of alliance switzer are going better than expected and will close stores in the second half of the year.

First-quarter earnings rose more than eight percent, beating analyst estimates.

Number one is carnival, falling the most in the s&p. it's down now five percent.

The cruise line announced first-quarter earnings in line with estimates, but disappointing profit forecast for the year.

Carnival, which has grappled with a lot of pr disasters in recent years has managed to beat eps estimate in each of the last seven quarters.

Underpromise, over deliver.

Maybe analysts should take note.

The get additional context to

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