The Top Ten Stocks for March 21

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March 21 (Bloomberg) -- Bloomberg's Trish Regan, Matt Miller and Julie Hyman report on today's ten most important stocks including Zions Bancorp, Symantec and Nike. (Source: Bloomberg)

The luxury retailer down .5%. expenses rose because of higher store and labor costs.

The forecast for the year fell short.

Number nine, -- rising after agreeing to buylin media.

They are requiring local stations to get better leverage with cable providers, as cristina alesci just told us.

And of course lin media 22% today.

The poaching go up -- genco up.

Now it is down, it looks like?

That is weird.

It is doing talks for debt restructuring.

Let me double check this, guys.

No, it is up 20%. that eight percent was the today chart.

I see.

Yelp struck a deal withyp, the company formerly known -- yp the company formally known as the yellow pages.

Number six is ann -- who?


Golden gate capital announced a 9.5% stake in the retailer.

I love when a company changes their name to a ridiculous thing, you know?

Are you just telling your whole companyann?

-- ann?

The entire company.

Wasn't limited changing, too?

It is about scale.


It is awesome.

The limited is awesome?

You go to the limited?

Blackberry, the struggling phone maker trying to get more cash for his turnaround plan.

They will sell store space in a deal expected to close at the end of may.

This is not totally expected.

There was talk about this.

Obviously, they need to do something and focus on the core business, such as it is and raise some cash.

All right.

Canadian real estate.

Do you think it will be worth much?

Someone on twitter is saying it superexpensive and i believe it.

They need to do whatever they can.

Darden restaurants up today even after the restaurant operator said he declined 18% as olive garden and red lobster continued to struggle.

Spinning off red lobster saying the process is well underway.

We're going to be late for the bell, trish.

But going to be late.

Don't worry about it.

It was the only to fail the federal reserve stress test.

Only one.

Can you believe it?

You can do two now.

Symantec down 14%, the worst decline.

They fired ceo steve bennett after less than two dead beers on the job and this comes after several top executives already left in recent months.

Number one stock of the day, nike, filing 5%. sales topped analyst estimates.

They get 45% of its sales outside of the u.s.. here we are at the close of

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