The Top Ten Stocks for March 20

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March 20 (Bloomberg) -- Bloomberg's Trish Regan, Matt Miller and Julie Hyman report on today's ten most important stocks including Dreamworks Animation, Occidental and JPMorgan. (Source: Bloomberg)

Until the close of trading.

Number 10, at&t. the stock is now up 3.5%. they announced pre-orders will begin tomorrow for the samsung galaxy 5 in the u.s. it will cost 190 $9.99 with a two-year agreement.


That is so lame when they do that.

Why not make it $200? number nine, toyota.

The automaker agreed to pay a record 1.2 million dollar penalty -- $1.2 billion penalty.

It is important for general motors, which is now facing problems over the failure to recall its cars for over a decade, and that has been linked to dozens of deaths.

At number eight, we have learned our.

The stock is down about three percent.

It sold more homes at higher prices, and looking ahead, lennar says it is optimistic they will continue to recover.

At number seven, guess.

Shares plunged after it forecast a loss for the first quarter.

Sales remain under pressure, citing weakness at its north american stores.

No one wears guess jeans anymore.


Someone does.

They have them in europe.

People in spain, i've noticed.

At number six -- u.s. solar.

The stock received 4 christ target upgrades after announcing it expects 2014 booking to match -- 24 target upgrades after announcing it expects 2014 booking to match -- number 5 -- microsoft.

Microsoft will debut a new version of the ipad at an event next week in san francisco.

We were scoffing at this yesterday, right?

Morgan stanley thinks it will be popular.

The reason i have an ipad is so i can do non-office things.

I don't ever want to do a spreadsheet on my ipad.

Isn't one of the growth markets for apple that it's trying to get more corporations?

I guess.

I got my ipad from work and i still don't use it for work.

There is something sacrilegious about doing work on it.

Number four is tesla motors.

They faced bans on the sales of the vehicles in states days after new jersey band tesla from selling directly to consumers.

They may allow freedom.

That would be amazing.

Number 3 -- the house kind animated hits like "shrek" and "kung-fu panda" announced and entertainment complex in shanghai.

The dream center will feature -- [bell ringing] one of the worst performers on the s&p, after a 45 day drilling ban.

Occidental petroleum is planning to spin off the business by early next year.

And our number one stopped of the day -- tp morgan.

Thanks rally today before -- jpmorgan.

Thanks rally today before the announcement

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