The Top Ten Stocks for March 19

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March 19 (Bloomberg) -- Bloomberg's Trish Regan, Matt Miller and Julie Hyman report on today's ten most important stocks including Orbitz, JPMorgan and First Solar. (Source: Bloomberg)

B.p. down half a percent.

Now stands to win its first new offshore u.s. drilling rights.

The first time since the government ban was lifted.

Number nine is oracle, down one percent.

The software maker run by laurel -- larry ellison posted results that fell short of analyst estimates.

Oracle has been posting -- has not posted a growth of five percent in more than 10 quarters.

Ta the homebuilder said the gains in the first quarter.

Mortars rose six percent during the quarter a medially higher.

- the analyst says the company is well-positioned to capitalize on strong spending from carriers.

Let's take a look at bankamerica.

You see again -- a gain.

It was cutting jobs across the global trading and investment banking division.

This dismissal will affect fewer than five percent of the employees in the unit.

It is tough out there being a banker.

It is tough being anyone affected by going outside.

Fedex is for evidence of that, the operator of the world's largest cargo airline cutting its profit forecast after winter storms push down its fiscal third-quarter results.

It reduced its operating income by $125 million.

Sounds like it did not do quite as poorly as ups did.

We talked a lot about this post-holidays.

Trish regan was affected by it.

I was affected by it.

Ups is responsible for delivery of ford trucks.

Box that does not have to do with the holidays.

They are blaming the weather.

It is putting train set of commission.

I do not know how snow stops trains.

If it is snowing, goldman sachs downgraded the travel site to sell from neutral.

Orbitz is showing slower growth.

Jpmorgan gaining.

The bank agreed to sell its physical commodities unit for $3.5 billion.

The sale comes amid regulators concerned that banks could control commodity prices if they own and traded them as well.

They will get so big that their failure will hurt the entire financial system.

Number two is first solar, now up about 20%. analysts say one big announcement, it is pushing at the low end of its 2015 earnings guidance.

We are not talking about a stock, yields rising the most since 2011. do we have that shot of the close?

There is the new york stock

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