The Top Ten Stocks for March 14

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March 14 (Bloomberg) -- Bloomberg's Trish Regan, Matt Miller and Julie Hyman report on today's ten most important stocks including Yahoo!, Coach and GameStop. (Source: Bloomberg)

Top 10, everyone.

Plunging on concerns its cash supplies dwindling.

What was that?

I'm going to say there are some things, it is like a freudian slip, you always say aeropostale, like aero aristotle.

Everybody has something like that.

Number nine is one power, now falling 15% today after receiving double downgrades this morning.

Roth says booking momentum seems to be tapering.

Number eight is cell g, down the most by the s&p 500. the u.k. regulator refused the company's drug.

Number seven is a general mills down two percent today.

It posted limoneira profits that child estimates -- remember there he -- preliminary profits that trailed estimates.

After the fdic filed a lawsuit against a dozen banks it accuses of manipulating libor, which is inherently a rigged rate, apparently are not allowed to rig it.

Citigroup and credit suisse were also among the banks sued.

No word on the bank of england's involvement.

Number five is tesla comment continuing its decline after report that it may be blocked from direct auto sales, bypassing franchised dealers.

I am scared to talk about this because matt is very passionate.

As an american business owner, you should have the right to sell your product anyway you like, as long as you're not hurting someone else.

You should be able to buy your product in any manner you like.

I think that is absolutely right.

Why can't to manufacture or sell it in a direct way?


You know why?

Loving money.


Sirius xm radio after john malone announced it is dropping a bid for full control.

Sirius will resume its share repurchase in connection with liberty media.

Number three is yahoo!

Is that how they do it?

Up about 3/10 of one percent after alibaba, which owns come a which yahoo!

Owns a stake in, is preparing to file for an ipo as soon as april.

This is according to people familiar with the matter.

Number two.


I was going to see if he could do it again.


I used to say it incorrectly.

I don't know.

I enjoyed that.

Number two is coach, up two percent today, one of the biggest gains in the s&p after its third-quarter sales may fall less than anticipated despite losing some market share to michael corner --michael koh's. gamestop is up today after data said that sales were stronger than over the last couple days.

Here we are at the close of

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