The Top Ten Stocks for June 6

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June 6 (Bloomberg) -- Bloomberg's Alix Steel, Matt Miller and Jonathan Ferro report on today's ten most important stocks including Intel, Bank of America and Wal-Mart. (Source: Bloomberg)

Street smart is heading into the close.

Number 10, google, up slightly.

The internet search giant announced a new tablet as part of the push for 3-d apps.

It is equipped with cameras to aid in 3-d imagery.

T-mobile rising today, and they have a front-runner for a new ceo as t-mobile and rent talks about a merger.

Hurts down almost nine percent.

-- hertz down almost nine percent.

They will need to revise three years worth of accounting.

It said it found errors in their mouth while preparing first quarter financials.

That is a lot of bad news.


We have seen a lot more trouble.

Upses in the red.

The ceo is receiving a promotion.

Ibm up slightly, shanghai airport authority allowing the use of cloud to manage air traffic.

This is all a mid-tension on cyber security between china and the u.s.. netflix up slightly, the company is waging war with verizon.

They posted it on screen message that said the verizon network is crowded, and bryson has threatened them with -- verizon has threatened them with legal action.

The blame game.

I would be upset if that were to happen.

It would ruin my day.

I took a united flight last week, and they said we had no entertainment because we have wi-fi, but it was wi-fi that was so slow i cannot use anything that was streaming.

The bondholders include --and a spokesman says he believes the claims are baseless.

Even though it is losing money, the world's largest chipmaker says it is reaching a point where it will win over new customers, and that it's mobile business will ensure its future.

Bank of america in the green, said to be in talks about its

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