The Top Ten Stocks for June 5

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June 5 (Bloomberg) -- Bloomberg's Trish Regan and Matt Miller report on today's ten most important stocks including Twitter, Medtronic and GM. (Source: Bloomberg)

Number 10 starting off -- sprint and t-mobile both in the red right now.

The companies are said to be nearing an agreement on sprint's acquisition of t-mobile.

They will offer 40 bucks a share . we are expecting an announcement as soon as july.

I have been waiting for that announcement for 10 years.

Number nine, product down four percent.

The devil shumaker posted -- shoe maker posted earnings that missed analyst instruments -- estimates.

They fell to 143 million dollars.

You oust me earlier who was the devil shumaker?

I was not sure who -- people know is talking about.

Down six percent.

Ok, the bag and accessory maker forecast estimates and cut their forecast.

They are fighting a difficult environment with products that are not affecting customers and i do not want to dwell on this -- why not?

Can we see those?

Can you see those bags?

? or real.

-- for real.

Number 7 -- rite aid.

Rite aid cut its full-year eps forecast, at $.30 and $.40 and of course investors do not like that.

Nintendo, number six, down over one percent.

The iconic game maker -- compares with 100 million copies for all the previous versions combined.

They hope that sales will boost the sales of the strugglingwii u game system.


Barnes & noble.

The shrinking book and mortar -- brick and mortar book retailer will combine barnes & noble's nook -- remember that one?

The one you never bought?

Allowing them access to the $3 million digital books and magazines.

But why, pray tell, would you buy one of those when you can go to their cafe and read it for free until you are ready to leave?

Amazon, also, they are number four.

The world's largest online retailer is said to reveal its own smartphone.

In a teaser they unveiled a silver device.

Jeff bezos will host an event july 18. maybe we will get more on their third major hardware offering.

Pretty interesting.

It is competitive out there.

Twitter, also up almost three percent.

The company has agreed to purchase a native ad content specialist with a focus on mobile advertising.

Analysts have a price target of 45 bucks.

Number two is medtronic.

They are evaluating a purchase, but is very early.

Moving onto the number one stock of the day as the closing bell rings on wall street.

It is gm.

The biggest u.s. external lawyers warned companies of liability from ignition problems as early as july, 2011. 15 employees were removed from the company and five have been disciplined in connection with these flaws which were linked to at least 13 deaths.

Here we are at the close of trading with the dow jones industrial average ending the day up i roughly a hundred

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