The Top Ten Stocks for June 4

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June 4 (Bloomberg) -- Bloomberg's Trish Regan, Jonathan Ferro and Julie Hyman report on today's ten most important stocks including Prudential, LSB Financial and BNP Paribas. (Source: Bloomberg)

Percent in the u.s. justice department says it will review an old agreement that governs songwriter royalties.

Multiple court battles between music rights holders and pandora.

Number nine, the chinese mobile service provider rising up.

Investigation finding that the company did not commit fraud.

The company raised its growth expectations for 2015 and expect revenue growth up 60% compared to the quarter.

Number seven, energy down.

The fiscal second-quarter losses widened due to overriding expenses.

The company won a contract to build two in connecticut.

Number six, the infrastructure software provider falling.

This after posting pulmonary second-quarter numbers that came in the low analyst estimates.

Gm stock up number four percent, better than expected sales numbers.

Gm is set to reveal its internal investigation report relating to the faulty ignition switch recall.

There have also been some reports that mary barra will not face more severe consequences for the recalls.

That is good news for her.

A lot of questions.

If she didn't know, then what kind of management structure is in place, right?

And if she didn't know, god forbid -- tomorrow, this gets put to bed.

No, it doesn't. it could go on for months, years?


You said it.

I didn't have to.

The extended review will give regulators more time to look at proposed transactions.

This is as tension between the u.s. and china rise between spying and hacking.

Conventional up which would give federal reserve regulators more possibility for the application of life insurance.

National bancorp has agreed to purchase lsb -- agreed to purchase lsb.

Number one, the stock of the day, bnp paribas 1% right now.

French president franc½ois holland has stated that he will confront president obama about the fine at dinner.

The close of trading.

Another record for you.

1927 on

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