The Top Ten Stocks for June 30

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June 30 (Bloomberg) -- Bloomberg's Trish Regan and Julie Hyman report on today's ten most important stocks on “Street Smart.” (Source: Bloomberg)

The camera maker now up more than 60% since its ipo last week, shares touching $40 in early trading.

They plan content through media partnership.

An upgrade to overweight from neutral from piper jaffray.

He cited yahoo!

Apostates in alibaba, said it was undervalued.


Owns 23% of the e-commerce site.

Tree houses in the green, a private label food supplier.

The child -- the deal is going to help expand treehouse into the healthy snacks market with dried fruit and crown mix.

I know you like those things.

I do.

Mankind is up 10%. the company won approval by the fda for its inhalable insulin drug.

Stock up as much as 15% today on the news.

The 113-year-old metal producer is exiting the s&p 500. in its place, martin marietta materials is going to take over.

U.s. steel is going to be added to the s&p. i was going to say sign of the times, but it is not as though martin is some newfangled company either.

American apparel is down again today.

Ceo dov charney's requests for a shareholder meeting has been requested.

The board made rules to prevent him from gaining control of the retailer.

They replaced him after they found misconduct ranging from sexual harassment to misuse of corporate funds.

He already owns about a quarter of the company, so one would think that would give him a decent amount of control.

But it seems the largest outside shareholder is not willing to support him.

The idea is to keep them as far away as it possibly can.

It is interesting it took this long.

He had a long history.

He did, but the company was doing better until recently.

It is only in the last two quarters that sale started to decline.

The company has been losing money for years.

I guess the patient's -- the patience ran out.

Asia's largest internet company has agreed to buy its stake in a craigslist-like website.

This is a company trying to bolster to compete with alibaba.

Number three is sony.

Its tv business will become profitable this fiscal year after 10 years of losing money.

It is set to continue its research and development in its ole db -- oled screen.

The u.s. supreme court rejected an appeal by google on accusations the search giant gathered usernames and passwords while collecting matches for its street view map.

They could violate federal wiretapping law.

G.m. down 1%. more vehicles will be recalled for defects with the ignition and electrical malfunctions, on top of the 20 million cars already recalled this year.

Gm expects as much as $2 billion for recall related repairs announced in the second quarter.

The s&p briefly topped its

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