The Top Ten Stocks for June 3

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June 3 (Bloomberg) -- Bloomberg's Alix Steel and Jonathan Ferro report on today's ten most important stocks including WisdomTree, Krispy Kreme and Hillshire Brands. (Source: Bloomberg)

I'm picking up with apple, up over one percent today.

The iphone maker announced its new ios 8 for its tablets and smartphones.

The company has also made a change to its policy, allowing software developers to include virtual currency transactions.

Number nine, facebook.

The social media network announcing it will i mobile data companies.

Here is the boring part -- the terms of the deal are slow.

And for the markets, a.k.a. people who will use our product.

And the wireless producer for mobile devices and network says the revenue was boosted to $210 million, more than doubling its previous projection.

They have also entered a multiyear patent agreement with samsung.

Number seven, at&t down slightly.

They revise the 2014 revenue forecast and reiterated that they expect to add customers in the second quarter.

They also plan to upgrade networks, hoping to lure customers with more than services.

Your number six stop to watch, quicksilver, plunging 41%. it is the biggest intraday the klein and 30 years.

They are forecasting sluggish sales.

-- it is the biggest intraday decline in 30 years.

Would you blame the winter weather?

I do not want to wear a swimsuit.

Everyone blames the weather.

Pacific sun had the same story last week.

Bad outlook.

Maybe people are cutting off jeans again?


Retail is already not that good.

Number 5 -- up slightly, ford.

Not the only company doing badly.

All of them came out with better than estimated sales.

Is this the pent up demand from q1 coming over to q2? is that what this is all about?

That exploded, right?

This seemed stronger.

Underlying demand, 16 million cars.

Every single one of the big three feet in a big way.

Pretty amazing.

Ok, the nursing care services provider has announced it is planning two more as oldies in the state of wisconsin.

This will bring the portfolio of health care distilleries to a total of 26 -- facilities to a total of 26. number three, wisdom tree.

They received an upgrade from susquehanna.

They were upgraded to neutral with a target of $13. keep going.

Keep going?

Down almost 16%. they cut their earnings forecast , citing sluggish sales with rising costs.

I have to read this.

They blamed the weather.

Come on!

Your number one stop at the closing bell -- pilgrim's pride raised its offer am a $55 per share.

Pilgrim says this could save as much as $300 million annually.

You just heard the closing bell.

This may be a misnomer.

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