The Top Ten Stocks for June 20

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June 20 (Bloomberg) -- Bloomberg's Trish Regan, Jonathan Ferro and Matt Miller report on today's ten most important stocks including Coach, Shire and Oracle. (Source: Bloomberg)

Companies that it is no longer in discussion with a company controlled by billionaire kelsey warren.

Number nine, the restaurant operator posting weaker than expected profits in the fiscal fourth quarter.

The results include red lobster which is now classified as a discount operation.

Never have to go.

Auto nation of over four percent.

Goldman sachs giving a boost to shares, up trading to buy from neutral.

The stock hitting an all-time high.

It is now up 17%. ak steel holding on slightly.

It will likely post a loss for the current quarter.

They blame the severe winter weather and for hedging strategies.

Number six.

Smith & wesson having its worst day in nearly two years after topping profit estimates on both the top and bottom line.

Investors disappointed by the company's outlook for the next quarter which smith & wesson expects to be much weaker than expected.

Carl icahn is demanding that this company be put up for sale immediately.

Family dollar responded, saying it is in the middle of an in-depth company review and always open to ideas to enhance shareholder value.


So, merging with --? i have never been able to find a family dollar that interest me.

How can you say that?

Quick story.

My little kids just spent a week in new hampshire, and what did they do with their grandfather every day?

He gave them each a few bucks and they went to the dollar store and it was the highlight of their trip.

Then again, you are not for.

Nike has appointed the ebay ceo to its board of directors to bring e-commerce experience to accompany increasingly looking for ways to use the internet to boost sales.

Coach down three percent after plunging eight percent yesterday.

The luxury retailer will close about 70 retail stores in north america.

Shares are down 38%. trish, by more handbags.

Was the designer it is always next a coach in every single mall?

It's not mark jacobs.

Michael kors.

There you go.

He knows his handbags.

We should hang out more.

If you know women, you should know handbags.

Thank you for the tip.

Number two, british drugmaker shire rejected a takeover saying it undervalued the company.

It is offering shyer about $46 billion in the latest attempt to buy the u.s. health-care firm to tap into lower tax breaks abroad through an acquisition.

Number one stock of the day on this friday afternoon, let's take a look.

Oracle down four percent.

Fourth-quarter earnings missing estimates on both the top and bottom lines.

The stock hitting its lowest level in over a month.

The dow and the s&p here

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