The Top Ten Stocks for June 2

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June 2 (Bloomberg) -- Bloomberg's Trish Regan, Jonathan Ferro and Alix Steel report on today's ten most important stocks including Ventas, Clorox and Dean Foods. (Source: Bloomberg)

Coming in, avon at one percent right now after losing market value since its last known scooter.

Avon may be more willing to open its doors.

Avon was reluctant to negotiate at the time of its 2012 offer, morningstar says the company may have a deal if it continues to stumble.

Number nine, growth down two percent.

The market performed -- outperformed.

Long-term concerns about its model across target cuts.

A pharmacy benefit manager handles more than one billion a year.

Class number eight, broadcom's, up nine percent.

The company hiring jpmorgan to help explore options for a cellular unit, including a possible sale.

It says exiting the business will reduce annual stances by about 700 million dollars.

Number seven, dunkin' brands.

Dunkin' donuts has been producing a new flat bread.

This move follows what starbucks did last month.

Seven new hot lunch sandwiches in some cafes.

All part of an effort to boost afternoon sales and entice the lunch crowd.

This is so exciting, i am taking it back to london.

The company's annual developer in san francisco, a new software lets you store files, positioning it to compete against start up apple.

It showed a version of its mac operating system.

[indiscernible] we would mispronounce it all the time.

I'm sure of that.

Down more than two percent, trading to the highest level since february relative to bearish ones.

Traders are betting on twitter shares.

Stock is down 49% since the start of the year.

You cannot rule out shortcomings with this either.

You cannot will that out.

Good point.

Number four, united continental.

The credit rating is confirmed, saying the company positive outlook remains stable.

S&p says it expects it to stay consistent this year before improving.

Number three, worldwide.

Up one percent.

A hospitality company advancing singles the low double digits.

It warned it sees china as they have -- a headwind for revenue area -- revenue.

Number two vengeance, down more than 50%. a pair of deals totaling 3.5 billion dollars.

The company expands ownership of medical offices and housing for the elderly.

Here we are, number one stock of the day.

A tie for clorox and dean foods.

Boehner investor carl icahn is a target of an insider trading probe by u.s. authorities regarding trades relating to those two robberies.


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