The Top Ten Stocks for June 19

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June 19 (Bloomberg) -- Bloomberg's Trish Regan, Matt Miller and Julie Hyman report on today's ten most important stocks including Sony, T-Mobile and Twitter. (Source: Bloomberg)

More than 7%. it replaced its ceo after investigations into unspecified's conduct.

The board has named john littrell as interim ceo.

It's largest outside investor expects the attorney to put up a five -- put up a fight over the firing.

Those are some racy posters.

He took a lot of those.

He did?


Number nine is pier 1 imports, down over 13%. following after posting missed analyst estimates.

Number eight is rite aid in the red despite posting first-quarter numbers topping estimates.

Number seven, boosting its forecast, red hat will purchase an event or $95 million, helping the company to expand its cloud services.

Number six, ge rising slightly, adding to the hot in its already $17 billion bid for houston -- four alstom.

This is to better compete with siemens counteroffer and to win the backing of france's government.

The company will review other offers before the ge expires in december 23. reported a narrower loss, the company is going to return to profitability in 2016. the stock is down 25% in the last year.

He has been trying to do things to salvage it.

Making it a bit of progress, i guess.

This company has a lot of challenges.

Moving onto number four, autozone up slightly.

The company has authorized the stock buyback.

That strong financial performance allowed for repurchases while maintaining investment-grade credit rating.

Number three is sony rising 3%. the ceo has apologized to investors after forecasting a six loss for the company in seven years.

The company continues to restructure to help fuel long-term growth.

It has lost $31 million since 2012. t-mobile is in the grain and will give prospective customers an iphone to test.

Our number one stock of the day is twitter, up almost number one percent.

-- up almost 1%. it is buying

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