The Top Ten Stocks for June 17

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June 17 (Bloomberg) -- Bloomberg's Trish Regan, Julie Hyman and Jonathan Ferro report on today's ten most important stocks including Micros Systems, Edwards Life Corp. and Valeant. (Source: Bloomberg)

The number 10 is tesla.

We were talking about this earlier.

Up three percent.

In new jersey, unanimously approved a bill that will allow tesla to sell its cars directly to consumers in the state.

Members of the motor vehicle commission voted to block tesla from making direct else.

The bill heads to the state than it.

Number nine, up 18%, the company agreed to purchase a producer in stock.

This would help cut costs and ensure steady supply.

Down about one percent, the council has outsold microsoft exxon -- xbox one.

Overall hardware and software sales jumped last month.

At&t is up slightly, and to be the exclusive carrier for amazon and smartphone.

Amazon is set to unveil the smartphone tomorrow at eight rest event in seattle.

Is number, apple unchanged.

It has reached a view and consumers are seeking damage over fixing prices.

Apple face as much as $840 million in claims.

No one expects that whatever happened.

An interesting story.


David winters accused warren buffett of making a deal for his friends benefit.

In a letter to board members, he says buffett plans to take -- at least he said, that is a possibility, a possibility the team sort of smith as highly unlike the.

Likely, paranoid, can it happen?

I think it is not likely it could happen.

And to talk about.

Number four is google, down slightly.

Youtube content showed dozens of videos used to cells olen for the card data.

A group has used youtube of failing to block videos and profiting from legitimate as that run right next to them.

A microsystem surging 15%. oracle is reaching a deal to purchase it.

Looking to acquisition and boost growth.

Exclusive talks.

The two side could fail still to reach an agreement.

The fda approved the company heart valve replacement device.

This is after a certain quality system violations were noticed.

Scientists said the company plans on correcting those issues you request moving onto our number once talk of the day, valiant is up one percent.

It says it plans to file an offer this week.

It raises offer twice in the past and has interjected.

It is now landing a hospital takeover attempt.

We are coming up on the close of trading.

Stocks are hard -- higher here

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