The Top Ten Stocks for June 16

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June 16 (Bloomberg) -- Bloomberg's Trish Regan, Matt Miller and Julie Hyman report on today's ten most important stocks including TW Telecom, Siemens and Covidien. (Source: Bloomberg)


The jimmy dean's sausage maker has withdrawn its support for a pinnacle foods merger, saying the potential takeover bid from tyson is a better deal.

Number nine capital one.

The company agreed to limit the use of customer screening basis on consumers when opening a checking or savings account.

Officials have said they unfairly excluded low income customers and victims of identity theft.

Number eight, dish network moving by nearly one percent, up by nearly half a percent now.

Jp morgan upgrading the stock to overweight with the new price target of $72. number seven, fusion i/o. the purchase would get c&s of bigger market and the business enterprise sector.

-- sandisk a bigger market and the enterprise business sector.

Number six, yahoo!

Alibaba saw a slowdown in revenue growth.

This ahead of the ipo we are all waiting for.

Starbucks announcing they will pick up most of the tab for workers to get a degree from arizona state university online.

Little changed.

Number four, william partners.

Proposing a merger in a $6 billion purchase.

The merger would create one of the biggest transporters of fuel.

Number three, tw telecom.

A deal worth five point $7 billion.

Tw telecom shareholders will receive cash and stock up $40 $.86 per share.

The company's estimating it will raise -- generate 240 billion in synergies.

Number three, siemens.

-- number two, siemens.

There is the ok, there is the bell.

Bringing us to our number one stock of the day.

Nvidia and ?n, -- covidein, taking the cash from it tronics overseas.

Here we are at the close of trading, the market is barely

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