The Top Ten Stocks for June 13

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June 13 (Bloomberg) -- Bloomberg's Trish Regan, Matt Miller and Julie Hyman report on today's ten most important stocks including eBay, Priceline and OpenTable. (Source: Bloomberg)

Time for your top 10. we are talking about the bang, down two percent, stock falling for the fourth -- about citibank, down two percent, after the government has threatened to sue for $10 billion.

This comes on the heels of credit suisse, bnp paribas, bank of america, j.p. morgan.

The feds are making some money.

I call it the carl sagan fund, billions and billions and billions.

Up next, bmx underperforming.

Analyst cited improved demand for growth.

Number eight, sycamore partners announced it had a 9.9% stake in the country -- in express and might be interested in acquiring it.

Number seven, linkedin, up three percent right now.

A lawsuit claims the company violated privacy rights for marketing purposes.

Customer e-mail accounts and addresses were accessed and downloaded.

How many linkedin followers do you have?

Like something like 107,000. unbelievable.

And you can follow me on linkedin.

I will see you there.

The equipment provider is sharply in the red after fourth-quarter profits fell well short of anticipated.

The stock suffered its worst day in more than three years.

General motors issuing yet another recall, mainly for north america.

This time we are talking about 500,000 chevrolet camaro cars.

Oh worldwide -- earlier there was a recall worldwide because of a similar a ignition failure.

They are aggressive now so they will recall anything and everything that moves.

It's not the same as the cobalt.

I was thinking of the anchorman line, "the panda is about to give birth year ago this is not the big one.

-- give birth.

No this is not the big one.

Number four, nokia.

Number three, intel, up seven percent.

Chipmaker enjoying its best day in years after morgan stanley upgraded the shares to equal.

Intel raised its revenue outlook yesterday.

Ebay at nearly one percent.

Paypal rolling out extra tools and data to help merchants find new markets internationally.

A new app called passport includes other countries national holidays.

Number one, priceline and opentable.

Priceline down three percent.

Opentable up 48%. priceline is thinking of buying opentable it was an offer.

It was packed.

It was 46% higher than the closing price yesterday.

You see the closing bell.

Stocks are snapping the losing

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