The Top Ten Stocks for June 12

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June 12 (Bloomberg) -- Bloomberg's Trish Regan, Matt Miller and Julie Hyman report on today's ten most important stocks including Amazon, Facebook and Twitter. (Source: Bloomberg)

Lululemon, falling to its lowest level in more than three years after it cut its full-year earnings forecast.

This comes as lululemon plans to expand into international markets and focusing on recovering from its sheer pants recall.

Do not forget that it was on the show that ship wilson told me that someone in bodies -- some women's bodies are just not made for them.

Which is probably true, but he still got lambasted in the press.

Number nine, restoration hardware surging at the home depot were -- home decor retailer.

It also released its full-year forecast, sending shares to a fresh all-time high.

Luckily, you don't run or do yoga.

If it was my company, i would not say it.

That would be the wrong thing to say if you were the ceo, but as an observer of lululemon -- don't make me you again.

Let's talk about coffee, which is safer, one would hope.

It has dropped by one percent, large enough to be the worst performance in weeks.

After announcing a new hardship with duracell, starbucks will now include charging stations nationwide where customers can wirelessly recharge their phones.

I will go to starbucks all the time.

Something tells it does not have to do with the stock.

I think is great.

I don't understand why it will take three years to throw the era cell charging that in all the starbucks.

Great rebranding for duracell, too.

Very cool.

Number seven, directv down slightly after being downgraded from neutral to outperform and $95 price tag target.

It's a nice price tag forecast.

Number six, sony, seeing a rise in sales of 30%. television sales jumped the most in the first quarter since 2012 as demand picked up for the winter olympics -- people watch the a list -- people watch the winter olympics?


And last month, sony said it came out and made its first profit in more than a decade.

Down as much as 10% today, hitting an all-time low, after an analyst cut radioshack's price targets to zero dollars.

This coming after the company posted disappointing earnings.

Poor shack.

Number four, hewlett-packard after a positive restructuring and robust cash regeneration.

The company also said it will be working on a brand-new computer architecture dubbed "the machine." number three, amazon released its music streaming service, going face-to-face with the likes of apple, spotify, and pandora.

Without lady gaga and kanye west because they have not signed a deal with universal.

And facebook will now allow users to dictate ads.

[closing bell] and coming up on the number one stock of the day as we hear the closing bell.

The company's coo announcing he is resigning the post at twitter.

And as we were saying earlier,

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