The Top Ten Stocks for June 11

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June 11 (Bloomberg) -- Bloomberg's Trish Regan, Julie Hyman and Matt Miller report on today's ten most important stocks including Toyota, H&R Block and AIG. (Source: Bloomberg)

After bank of america, merrill lynch upgraded the stock to buy.

The upgrade was based on the likely shortage of chips.

Number nine, cbs corporation.

They have announced plans to divest 81% ownership in cbs outdoor.

The exchange offer is expected to be tax-free for shareholders in the u.s. number eight ultra solon cosmetics.

Topping earnings estimates, the retailer also sell comparable-store sales rise nine percent for the first quarter.

I guess people have to have their hairspray and their lipstick.

Number seven, bank of america down two percent.

The justice department and be a they have hit -- and the bank of america have hit an impasse.

The bank offered more than $12 billion to settle state and federal probes.

Number six, ibm, down one percent.

Nearing a deal with global boundaries inc., i merrily interested -- primarily interested in manufacturing facilities.

Number five, amazon.

Analyst slapping a $400 price tag on the shares.

They have the best risk reward trade-off in the tech sector.

So weird.

Looks it is a little weird -- a little weird.

Companies that never focus on profitability in the first rank and they never give money back to shareholders.

It seems like amazon might be one of those stocks, but he is not shorting them.

It does seem to fall into that category.

Number four, boeing down two percent.

Airbus saw a -- rbc capital downgraded shares.

The good news on orders, it has already been priced into the stock.

Number three, toyota motors of slice late -- up slightly.

Toyota has recalled more than 2 million vehicles for the same reason last year with the airbags in question manufactured by japan's corporation.

Nevertheless, the stock is up.

Number two is h&r block.

An all-time high after the tax services company posted fourth-quarter profit and revenue that topped analyst estimates.

Number one stock of the day, aig in the red.

Peter hancock will secede in motion a as ceo on september 1. he has been sent -- he has been there since 2001. here we are at the close of trading.

We have the s&p off seven

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