The Top Ten Stocks for June 10

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June 10 (Bloomberg) -- Bloomberg's Trish Regan and Julie Hyman report on today's ten most important stocks including Allergan, MetLife and Time Warner. (Source: Bloomberg)

-- be aerospace announcing it would let into two companies instead of going off assets will stop the company said it would continue to review other options.

Number nine is radioshack, down 11%. the struggling electronics retailer posted sales that slid for the night straight quarter with first quarter losses that widened to $98 million.

Shares fell as much as 14% earlier, the biggest intraday decline since may.

Best buy him up 2%. the company raised its quarterly dividend by 12% is the first dividend boost best buy has issued in two years as the company cut costs and improve cash flow.

But target, up 1%, with the announcement of its new chief information security officer.

The new management comes after the massive data breach target aced in december.

He will join on june 16. number six is walmart, down .5% in an effort to duke it out with amazon.

He will be tasked with the integration of the brick-and-mortar stores.

You are just down there.

He's coming up from brazil which has had a successful e-commerce business for walmart.

And we got a tip for ebay and facebook.

Facebook announced it has acquired paypal president.

Will leave the social network giant mobile messaging business on june 27 of stop his job is not just to make facebook messaging better, but to make it make money.

That is his challenge there.

That will be interesting.

Number four.

Achillion pharmaceuticals surging 81% after the fda said the coming hepatitis c drugs can resume trials after it was stopped last year over concerns the drug may cause damage to the liver.

Number three, allergan in the red, turning down the offer of $54 billion after they continued to raise past the initial offering of $45.7 billion.

Allergan says the offer still undervalues the company.

It's hard to see what the endgame is.

Allergan seems pretty steadfast and not wanting to accept it.

Is money even the issue?

Fax it's got to be.

You've got to do what's best for your shareholders will stop i can't watch that video.

Metlife, insurance that is much safer -- the largest u.s. life insurer announced a share buyback of a billion dollars, their first since 2008. a refrain from share sales in the past.

Good to know trish does not like needles.

The number one stock of the day -- we are talking about time warner, trading up slightly.

Time warner is said to be in talk to buy a stake in vice media.

The vice cofounder telling bloomberg in march that the company may do an ipo in the future.

Maybe that's not going to happen if it winds up getting acquired by time warner.

Vice media declined to comment.

So much for the five-day winning

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