The Top Ten Stocks for July 9

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July 9 (Bloomberg) -- Bloomberg's Trish Regan and Julie Hyman report on today’s top ten stocks on “Street Smart.” (Source: Bloomberg)

The aluminum producer reporting better-than-expected profit seeing strength in traditional aluminum and a rise in aluminum demand.

Down about 8%, falling the biggest drop since january after the container store reported first quarter comparable sales missing estimates.

Full-year profit and revenue also below estimates.

I love this.

The ceo said they were experiencing a retail funk like the rest of the industry.

Garmin down to an underperform citing a risk and elevated inventory and the potential for apple's new iphone and i watch that could create problems.

Bob evans is down.

Sales missing analyst estimates and also lowered the full-year forecast earnings per share.

Number six is going.

Signing off on an order of about 100 the knowing -- boeing 777x planes less than one month after united arab emirates announced at the dubai air show.

Like the e-commerce giant is said to be offering authors all the proceeds of digital sales from e-books.

Amazon blocked orders for some of the books as the two companies battled for a greater share of e-book income.

If there's one way to get the authors on your side, it is to offer them all the proceeds of the digital books.

Amazon has a way of getting their way.

It's a little scary.

It turns into a bigger monopoly.

That's what we were just talking about, how much poll they will have over the publishing industry given that.


Up almost numeral 10%. mexican lawmakers says this will create issues to cut market share below 50%. american apparel trading up.

The struggling retailer will receive $25 million in an agreement that involves a board shakeup.

Under this, standard general will add three board members to american apparel and two other directors will be chosen mutually.

We will talk about that a little more later.

Pfizer is in the red.

They won the dismissal of a lawsuit dating back to 2004 to claim that the company executives misled investors about the prospect of the drug celebrex.

Moving onto our number one stock of the day, citi.

They are said to be nearing a $7 billion agreement with federal prosecutors to resolve an investigation into the sales of mortgages before the financial crisis and the agreement could come as early as next week.

Here we are the close of trading ending the day up a nice solid

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