The Top Ten Stocks for July 8

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July 8 (Bloomberg) -- Bloomberg's Trish Regan, Matt Miller and Julie Hyman report on today’s top ten stocks on “Street Smart.” (Source: Bloomberg)

"street smart" is headed into the close.

Number 10, the price target was raised from six dollars to $9.50 per share with analyst citing operational improvements at groupon to drive growth.

Not much help for the stock dividend, though.


number nine is gas.

Piper jaffray upgraded the maker of acid washed jeans to overweight from neutral with targets of $32 per share.

Number eight is american apparel, speaking of fashion, down almost five percent.

We have been talking about this company a lot.

And immediate repayment of the $10 million loan after both parties failed to meet -- reach the agreement.

Capital one report of the favors changing the terms of its credit agreement to let american apparel repay the loan in full.

Apparently that is not now permitted under the terms of the loan according to persons familiar with the situation.

Number seven, fresh market, down two percent.

The company following after being downgraded to neutral.

Down three percent, the company has made a fourth bid for shyer, raising its bid to $51.5 billion.

Buying them would allow them to make their legal addresses to take advantage of a lower corporate tax rate.

They said that they register the rights before tesla came into the country, now they are requesting for testa -- tesla showrooms to be shut down.

Basically a stop to all activities.

They are requesting $3.9 million.

China is actually suing someone on this side of things for trademark infringement?

It seems like they are the ones always violating it and we are always mad.





all right, number or.

United continental holdings, up two percent.

United says that they will ask or more than 360 union jobs at 12 boards, including baggage handlers and gate agents.

Number three, zaugg and next after purdue pharma gained views from regulators over the six months instead of 10 months.

Number two, petsmart, in the red, joining with janice partners in calling for the pet supply retailer to consider a sale.

They said that they appreciated the views of the investors and that they were reviewing ways to return more cash to shareholders . coming up on the number one stock of the day as we get closer to the close, i'll,, up 6/10 of one percent before earnings coming out one moment from now.

Revenue is that $5.65 billion for the second order.

The aluminum producer is set to

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