The Top Ten Stocks for July 7

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July 7 (Bloomberg) -- Bloomberg's Trish Regan, Matt Miller and Pimm Fox report on today's ten most important stocks on “Street Smart.” (Source: Bloomberg)

Coming in at number 10, archer daniels midland of one percent, six year high after the company said it will buy swiss foods ingredient maker wild blaber for 3 billion in cash.

Among the products is capri sun juice.


They are delicious.

Number nine, ibm down slightly.

In a deal to sell the low end server business to lenovo.

It will maybe it ruvell of the chinese government and expected to be completed by the end of the year.

U.s. regulatory approval still requires a completed transaction.

Ching digital, the maker of candy crash.

Race to an over what -- overweight from neutral.

Also has a new price target.

Stock hit an all-time high on the upgrade.

Finally moving higher than the initial public offering price.

Cameo appearance from pimm fox everyone.

I like it.

And you heard about this?

Game changers.

I do not play those.

Do you not think candy crash -- it is not a kids game.

It is for older people.

Piper jaffray raises it to an outperform.

Number seven, petsmart up two percent.

Some are -- reviewing changes to the capital structure.

Petsmart has been under pressure from the $10 billion hedge fund to pursue strategic initiatives.

Chairs touching the highest level since april.

Serious exum down one percent.

A fired one of the most prominent talkshow hosts.

-- sirius xm.

Citing the hateful remarks on twitter as a reason for firing him.

Tesla motors down three percent of the weekend.

It exploded in flames after a high-speed chase in los angeles.

The company led by elon musk working at the lapd and fire officials to investigate the incident.

They want to study the -- study the remains of the tesla.

That would probably be a good idea to do.

Expedia number four, expedia has agreed to buy

Expedia says it expects the deal to help extend the customer base for the asia-pacific region.

Apple up two percent, the highest level since 2012. the company hired senior executive from swiss watch.

Technology is down, the worst day in three years.

It is a big tech supplier of sapphire glass to apple for their iphones.

If they don't use it, they lose it.

Here we are, coming up on our number one stock of the day.

You guessed it shows up american apparel is up half a percent.

[closing bell] standard general owns 43% of the company stock.

And here we are at the close of trading.

Ending the day off about 45

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