The Top Ten Stocks for July 5

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July 5 (Bloomberg) -- Bloomberg’s Carol Massar, Dominic Chu and Adam Johnson report on today’s ten most important stocks including Yahoo, Nokia and Barrick Gold. (Source: Bloomberg)

If you missed everything that happened, don't worry.

Time for the top 10. just coming into the close, kicking off a yahoo.

Marissa mayer is continuing her shopping spree.

They are tools for finding and storing info will be included in yahoo mail and messaging.

Number nine, lennar.

Shares falling more than 4% us treasury yields rose to the highest level in two years.

All members of the homebuilder index retreating.

Number eight dropping five percent.

The real estate fund is dropping after a better than forecasted jobs report stoking speculation the fed will begin to reduce the size of all of those asset purchases.

Shares of nokia up 4% even though the debt rating was cut one step deeper by standard & poor's. their net cash may tumble after they agreed to by siemens and their equipment venture for $2.2 billion.

Amazing this is the same day we saw samsung missed their earnings forecast and lower guidance.

There may just be too many phones.

Of 3% after bank of america upgraded them to buy from neutral.

Evaluation is "compelling even the market fundamentals." animal science two cars.

Number five, tesla.

More than 100,000 people have signed a white house petition to allow them to sell directly to consumers in all 50 states.

It's up to the white house issue an official response.

Not just that, tesla also has a lot of orders in hong kong for their electric cars.

There's a lot of momentum for tesla building.

This could be your chance, dom.

I could try, but i think i will wait.

I like to see a few cars on the road and maybe be in the second wave of adopt theirs.

-- adopters.

Very them of very big difference in the.

We will see how this pans out.

Click some want to see more charging stations first.

A good point.

Only a few thousand made per quarter.

How about blackberry?

They are facing sanctions in indonesia after an outage left users unable to access messaging services.

They may hinder their efforts to increase their market share in indonesia, which they rely on for about 10% of their subscriber base.

Not easy being blackberry in this way and age.

With samsung and nokia also, just a tough time to try to make phones.

Not good for being a maker of yoga clothes either.

Lulu lemon down 1.5%. his stake in the company is certainly facing a lawsuit that they failed to alert them into the sheer pants scandal.

Every time i say that, i have to laugh.

They're not that sheer.

I'm just telling you.

I don't know how to respond to that, carol.

And tell down more than 2%. -- dell down more than two percent.

They will not be moving their target.

The company said activist investor carl icahn's offer is not aced on concrete cost savings plans, adam.

Ringing the floor -- develop before the stock exchange.

Shares of the world's largest gold miner down 7%. prices plunging after the jobs report showing more workers being added down forecast in june which means you may have the fed stop buying bonds sooner than expected.

That would be bad for assets like gold.

It's been very tough to be a gold investor these days.

Having a block to stir market today, all over the place.

It was up, down.

It finished up on the highs of the session.

Dom chu, run us through the details.

At the end of this particular shortened holiday trading week, the s&p 500 up about 16 points.

1.02%. the dow jones also showing the roller coaster ride.

We dipped down for a brief moment after rallying up to close up 147 points.

Let's round it off with the nasdaq.

We were talking about the correlation on "lunch money" today.

It is up about 1% today also.

If you look at the sectors that really drove the trading action, on the upside the s&p 500 financials, the best are forming sector, up but almost 1.8%. as he finished the day, a lot of the stocks driving the upside for four naturals him a regional banks.

As things start to improve, the smaller banks, not necessarily the massive ones, but think of the little ones like suntrust bank.

Those regional banks tend to be more leveraged.

Utilities, the stocks that act of the most like bonds, you want

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