The Top Ten Stocks for July 31

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July 31 (Bloomberg) -- Bloomberg's Trish Regan, Matt Miller and Julie Hyman report on today’s top ten stocks on “Street Smart.” (Source: Bloomberg)

This top analyst estimates as largest satellite operator scored 543,000 additional customers.

Number nine, time warner cable down three percent.

Reporting earnings that trailed analysts estimates.

Internet customer gains not enough to make up for video subscriber losses.

Number eight, sony.

Up about five percent posting a surprise first-quarter profit as the playstation 4 top sales for game consoles.

Very different from nintendo yesterday.

All the wood studio salt to boost a spider band true gross more than 700 million globally.

-- spiderman 2." the purchase of beats was the biggest in apple history.

So uncool.

Tesla number six.

Panasonic and bring to set up the battery factory.

They will build equipment machinery and other tools for the car companies giga factory.

The full earnings breakdown after the bell.

Likely no more he feels on the giga factory.

-- details on the giga factory.

Number five on the yum!


But the lowest in six months after sales in china have been hurt by the latest food scare.

A supplier came the subject of the government probe after being accused of altering expiration dates.

Various bad -- fast food companies are terminating the relationship with the company because of these allegations.

They just got over the last poultry problem with antibiotics too high along comes this.

Afraid to eat in china.

Moving on to number four, yelp down four percent.

The stock cut to market performance at raymond james.

If they analyst cited lower-than-expected advertising revenue.

Number three, whole foods.

The largest whole food -- organic grocery and the u.s. company getting cut at jpmorgan to neutral from overweight on the increasingly limited visibility.

Number two, t-mobile up about six for tent.

Share such in the highest level since october 2012 after illiadiad made an offer.

It offered 15 billion in cash and 56% of t-mobile u.s. coming up on the number one stock of the day, target down three percent.

The retailer hit with a massive hack attack last year.

The pepsico executive will become ceo.

Cornell is the first ceo chosen from outside the company.

There we are coming up on the close of trading.

The art looking at some pretty

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