The Top Ten Stocks for July 31

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July 31 (Bloomberg) -- Bloomberg’s Adam Johnson, Matt Miller and Trish Regan report on today’s ten most important stocks including Yelp, SodaStream and Facebook.

Are getting you caught up right now.

Yelp, trading flat right now.

Wall street forecasting a 4 cent loss as opposed to a 3 cent loss compared to one week ago.

Air products, shares are up 3% today on the pershing square taking a 9.8% stake in the industrial gas producer.

This after plans to push change at the company.

#8 is mastercard, climbing 12% after they reported an increase in suspected profits.

More of the world is about -- using its products to make payments.

So the stream, 14 months after the revenue outlook him out of 2013. they enjoyed second quarter net income, reduced by strong demand from its losses.

The maker of johnnie walker scotch and vodka reported slower sales growth at a slower pace than last year, number six, instead they at diageo are noting soft spot in the economy.

#5, dell, according to a prison camp -- familiar with the matter, silver lake is not likely to pursue its sweetened bid.

I was going to say the stock continues, but maybe it does not.

It will be curious if it just stops.

Let me just share this with you right here , an open letter to stockholders, pleading that they heed their advice, they would like to make sure, at -- make sure, of course.

That they be at peace with the outcome.

The idea being that if this deal gets turned down, there is an annual meeting.

They have to have an annual meeting.

I think.

We will keep watching it.

Cbs, preparing to release second quarter results after the bell after looking for 72 cents on revenues of 3.5 billion.

Stay tuned for those results, happening soon.

Shares down slightly today, the third quarter results should give a glimpse on the pressure of business with instant analysis of all of those after hours earnings, coming up.


2, comcast, after the cable provider reported profit that topped estimates.

Despite the typically slow summer season, they trafficked more subscribers to their package.

The number one stock of the day as facebook, down more than 2%, but earlier rising above its offering price since the first time it debuted.

Fueled by surging speculation on networking sites on the smart phones and tablets.

[closing bell] today the fed indicated there were very concerned about the lack of inflation in the economy.

The market was all over the place, earlier in the session there were better than 70 points on the news, ending the day in the red, barely eking out a gain on the s&p.

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