The Top Ten Stocks for July 30

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July 30 (Bloomberg) -- Bloomberg’s Adam Johnson, Matt Miller and Trish Regan report on today’s ten most important stocks including Sprint, JPMorgan and Pfizer. (Source: Bloomberg)

We are getting you caught up on today's session, the only stocks you need to worry about as we head toward the close.

It is time for number 10. carrier will begin -- sprint predicts it carrier will begin adding contracts.

It was acquired by softbank for $21.6 billion.

It pulled the plug on the nextel's system on june 30th.

And mosaic is plunging more than 17% today . investors are concerned a flood or -- of supply will lead to lower prices.

-- of potash, record mute.

That strengthens plants.

During a health is down today.

Health management leaders will receive 13 per share, 7.6% below yesterday.

And j.p. morgan is down after it agreed to settle my allegations that it manipulated the the -- settle allegations that it manipulated power.

We will be talking with the chairman in just a few minutes.

Stay tuned for that.

We will get more details.

Jet blue falling more than 2% today.

The airline reporting second quarter income falling by more than one-third, missing wall street estimates.

#5 is facebook, up 7%, just pennies away from its ipo price.

Bloomberg news reporting it is selling at as much as $2.5 million per day.

If you got in and felt we got burned, now a short time to get out.

Or maybe this is just getting started, right?

Yes, just saying a lot of people got in, retail investors, mom-and-pop investors, who felt they really got burned by their brokers.

They have been waiting for this moment.

All the way back to the ipo price.

Amazing it took this long.

Correct the $2.5 million commercials will be targeted ads -- the $2.5 million commercial will be targeted at four very specific audiences.

Pretty interesting.

Number four, coke is down 7 per -- coach is down 7%. the trend continue as there is increasing competition.

The crux corning down -- corning is down even though sales have climbed.

Our interview with the c.f.o. is coming out.

And no.

2 is a good year.

The company's second quarter earnings more than doubled and sold more tires worldwide.

Not america is also reporting record operating profits, as was in north america and asia.

And number one, pfizer.

[closing bell] it beat wall street earnings it looks like the market managed to eat out a gain.

We will see how this is finally settling up your it a little bit of upside there.

This is the 13th day in a row that we have seen a move of less than 1% in these markets.

Perhaps a little bit of complacency.

It is summertime.

It is.

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