The Top Ten Stocks for July 3

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July 3 (Bloomberg) -- Bloomberg’s Deirdre Bolton, Dominic Chu and Adam Johnson report on today’s ten most important stocks including Alcoa, Apple, Credit Suisse, Deutsche Bank and Barclays. (Source: Bloomberg)

Alcoa's number 10 with shares down more than 1% today.

Jpmorgan down routing -- downgrading the scottstock.

Number nine, walmart and home depot are among the companies that are being investigated by the new york ag overseas, charging employees on prepaid cards.

Number eight is randgold resources, shares up by 3.5% as the stock is raised to neutral from a sell rating.

It has neither a high cost profile nor debt on its balance sheet nor a stress evaluation.

Restoration hardware is another one to watch, up about half of 1%. it has reappointed gary friedman as chairman and co-ceo less than a year after he resigned.

The move comes out after a board inquiry into his personal relationship with his employees.

Number six, apple shares are up nearly 1% after hiring the ceo of the luxury fashion house.

He will be working on special projects.

Number five, yahoo gaining more than 2%. the company has acquired quicky, part of the ceos push at technology and engineers in the area of mobile software.

This is another step in that turnaround for yahoo.

They are added quite a bit to their portfolio.

That has been the whole story, trying to increase content at yahoo!

Video is all it's about.

Facebook made an announcement the other day to send video on facebook.

Can marissa mayer make yahoo!

Cool again?

I still have a yahoo!

E-mail address.

Dom chu going retro.

Extra resources agreed to by shale assets for $1 billion.

It includes shale formations in texas and louisiana.

Number three, dell is down half of a percent.

After a month of negotiations, the $24 billion did to take the ec maker private -- the pc maker private might fall apart.

Worsening performance.

It is factoring . number two, across the pacific for this one.

Suntory shares climbing more than one percent on the tokyo trading debut.

It raised about $4 billion in asia's largest ipo so far this year.

With suntory, it is not about the alcoholic averages for this particular ipo.

It is about the nonalcoholic ones.

Suntory beverages is the second largest non-alcoholic beverage maker in japan.

Coming in at number one, guess what, we have three stocks -- credit squeeze, deutsche bank and barclays.

-- credit swiss uisse, deutsche bank and barclays.

New rules and uncertain market conditions threaten their business.

You bellringing on the floor of the new york stock exchange here on wednesday, july 3. some fireworks in this market which finishes 51 points up on the dow.

There you have it.

An exciting close as always

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