The Top Ten Stocks for July 3

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July 3 (Bloomberg) -- Adam Johnson. Michael McKee and Julie Hyman report on today’s top ten stocks on “Street Smart.” (Source: Bloomberg)

The guys who make the transparent yoga pants -- "the wall street journal" reports that they have been seeking private equity firms perhaps with the intention of taking the company private.

Yes people wondering.

Number nine, petsmart, up 12%. surging as much as 15% today.

This after the hedge fund disclosed it had acquired 9.9%. number eight, oppenheimer upgraded the stock from market perform to outperform.

Analysts cite its positive positioning in the led market, meaning it is a pure play.

Of got to say , led lights are pretty cool.

They give off a lot of light and never get hot.

This drugmaker is ending its cancer drug tests with amgen after they were said to be insufficiently impelling to proceed.

Yeah, that is never good.

Led lights last longer, too.

Rbs up 2%. investors suing over losses from the share sale, to disclose details for regulars into its near collapse and bailout.

Number five, tesla, down just a bit.

The electric carmaker has won approval from consuming a bomb -- from pennsylvania lawmakers to expand operations in the state.

Tesla continues to battle u.s. auto dealers and states for the direct sale of its vehicles.

Jules, i was out in colorado a couple weeks ago and i saw tesla parked in a garage.

It was gorgeous.

Debate on that issue -- volkswagen has stated it is not interested in making a bid for paccar, and it is happening after various people had said it was interested in consolidation.

Binaries up to present.

Maybe you guys bought a ticket.

Traffic for the company grew very strongly.

They will refine their no-frills approach and website to bring in more customers.

Number two, down slightly.

The company is considering acquisitions of german software providers as part of a plan to reach $1 billion in local sales.

They may i compete in germany that deal with cloud computing apps.

Number 1 -- you ready for this one?

Oh, yeah, it little drumroll on july 4. archer daniels midland, up slightly.

The food processing company is said to be nearing a deal to buy wild flavors.

Adm is said to have outbid a japanese rival and the deal may be announced in the coming days.

What do you make of that?

We should get alix steel out here could she has done a lot of work on this.

Do i hear the closing bell?

I think i do.

The long weekend has officially begun.

We have got a talk about the

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