The Top Ten Stocks for July 29

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July 29 (Bloomberg) -- Bloomberg’s Adam Johnson, Alix Steel and Trish Regan report on today’s ten most important stocks including Omnicom, Herbalife and Saks. (Source: Bloomberg)

If you missed everything that happened during the day's session, we'll update you caught up on the stocks he did know about.

The company has agreed to come by and -- combine stocks and create the largest advertising firm.

Barclays shares falling more than 3% today as the bank prepares to share cells -- selling shares to bolster capital.

A rights offering will obviously trick the assets as well.

That is according to a story in the financial times.

Jumping almost 11%, a letter to investors that says the trades have unwarranted discounts to fertilizer and chemical peers.

This is herbalife, analysts are looking for $1.18. the results are all going to be coming up for you.

Offering shareholders a 11% premium to friday's closing price.

The deal will give them a significantly lower tax rate, 12.5% for international expansions that will all be booked through an irish subsidiary.

A recent offer to buy the struggling pc maker bypasses an important shareholder safeguard.

The stock would also be worth more than the michael dull silver led proposal of the company replaces michael dell.

He blames michael dell for a lot of the downside that this company has experienced the last several years and says he absolutely would work very hard to find a replacement should they regain control.

There is no vision for this company.

We don't know what they want to build out.

We need someone saying here is where we are driving the share.

-- the ship.

What is the business worth?

We know the pc market is not doing well.

A few candidates have mentioned as possible contenders.

A lot of people feeling 1375 a share is too cheap.

Down more than 1% even though the wolverine debuted atop the weekend box office.

It opened with $55 million in north america.

Needed jobs?

Called amazon.

They are boosting staff across 17 different warehouses and will be hiring more than 5000 full- time people trying to meet new customer demand.

The new hires will help staff facilities adding to warehouse expenses that have already doubled in three years.

Of the opening bell early.

Does la surging to a high despite the introduction of the rival i3 for tesla.

Forecasts are bmw will only sell of your year.

The number one stock happens to be -- the r etailer agreed to sell itself to hudson bay.

A total of 324 in north america.

The dow jones industrial average ending up 35 points, despite the merger news.

Three major deals today.

It is time for a roundup of these markets.

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