The Top Ten Stocks for July 25

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July 25 (Bloomberg) -- Bloomberg’s Dominic Chu, Adam Johnson and Julie Hyman report on today’s ten most important stocks including Amazon, Zynga and Facebook. (Source: Bloomberg)

The newly arrived the ceo has to reform as he changes course the struggling online game maker.

Number six is crocs.

Plunging 20% after the maker of colorful plastic shoes reported second-quarter results falling way short.

They have been trying to expand below its signature clogs.

Those match my dress.

That does not seem to be working.

Maybe i should get a pair.

Google is down about 1.5% as they take on apple tv.

The owner of the most popular search engine introducing a device sending you two been that the fix -- sending youtube and netflix videos through your tv.

How about that?

Everyone has become a broadcaster, dom.

It's amazing you can take the blurred lines between old world media and numeral technology.

They are all the same.

The question is will it work?

Apple tv, google tv, intel tv.

You have to think that not all of them will make it.

Let's talk about pultegroup falling 10% today posting a 14% drop in second-quarter profits and a slide in new form orders.

Reports are still concerns that rising interest rates could hold back the pace of the housing recovery.

Three is starbucks, up more than 2% and the report is due just moments from now.

American comparable sales may be on customer loyalty, new beverages, and food.

Those results are coming up.

Two is general motors.

Demand for pickups in the u.s. as well as cadillacs and buicks in china helping boost revenue by nearly 4% during that.

Got a love that.

Number one, facebook.

Surging 31% today beating $34 per share, the highest price they have seen since the day it went public more than one year ago.

Mark zuckerberg's big bet on mobile software paying off.

The surge we are seeing as a result is facebook's biggest intraday jump is a public company.

Incredible to see the stock coming all the way back.

[closing bell]/ the dow jones finishing up about nine points.

Not a huge day.

We're close to the all-time highs.

Coming up, the latest breaking earnings data.

Jon erlichman, jewels, and dom chu on zynga.

First, let's talk about the market today.

Let's talk about what's happening here.

On the surface, it's a very uneventful.

The dow jones is up 12 or 13 and the s&p up four.

That's pretty decent.

The nasdaq however is the big story up 0.7% and you have to thank facebook for that and elsewhere in technology.

Sector-wise, it was different.

You look at cyclicals and defenses, the stocks that are not as exposed.

The second best performer, utilities.

Traditionally one of the most defense of.

The third one is energy and the fourth is healthcare.

Back-and-forth, cyclical, defensive but not too many huge degree right now.

It's all earnings driven.

What's the take on merrill lynch on whether you want to be cyclical or defensive?

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