The Top Ten Stocks for July 25

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July 25 (Bloomberg) -- Bloomberg's Trish Regan, Matt Miller and Julie Hyman report on today’s top ten stocks on “Street Smart.” (Source: Bloomberg)

Second-quarter profits.

The company saw strong sales of its arthritis drug.

The company announced it will move its address overseas to save on taxes.

Number nine, herbalife up slightly.

The nutrition company announcing a hired pepsico executive alan hoffman, who also used to work for joe biden, to become executive vice president of global affairs as herbalife continues to be investigated by the ftc over allegations it is a pyramid scheme.

It out with earnings on monday after close of trading.


Rbf is up 10%. the company says profit almost doubled as the company saw impairment charges fall.

Number seven, visa, down 4%, falling the most in more than three months after reducing its revenue forecast for the rest of the fiscal year.

Visa sliding as much as 5% to become the worst performer in the dow earlier.

Number six is starbucks, down 2%. the world's largest coffee shop chain fell the most in more than three months over concern of rising ingredients prices and a push to open more stores may weigh on profits.

Earnings growth not so bad, but the numbers for next year may come in at the low end of the range.

Greg's expectations tend to be pretty high.

15%? if i could get earnings of 15% a year, i would be incredibly happy.

Online real estate companies are low on the rise as it is said to be close to be purchasing truly a -- online real estate company zillow on the rise as it is said to be close to be purchasing trulia.

Not clear it will happen, but it would really change the real estate landscape.

I use zillow or trulia who by my brownstone.

Nobody remembers which one.

They might as well become one.

Number four, folks, is liberty media.

The company says it will begin to spin off its cable access by way of a stock dividend to shareholders.

Once complete, the new company is said to be worth up to $4.8 billion with mr.

Malone retaining more than 47%. number three is moody's, down slightly.

The owner of the second largest credit ratings company reported quarterly profit that beat analysts' estimates.

Shares suffering the worst day -- wait, did i just say they beat corporate estimates?

Shares suffering the worst day in two months.

That does not make any sense at all, but i just said it.

They did so well, the shares are getting press.

I'm just going to say it -- it would not be the first time you said something that made no sense.

Number two is baidu.

Hoping to lead a rally in chinese stocks that trade in the u.s.. the chinese-made search engine reported earnings that beat estimates.

We are coming up on our number one stock of the day, amazon down 10% after missing estimates for the second straight quarter.

Investors are getting a little impatient these days with amazon.

Here we are at the close, and we have stocks suffering their worst day in a week, although

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