The Top Ten Stocks for July 23

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July 23 (Bloomberg) -- Bloomberg’s Trish Regan, Adam Johnson and Julie Hyman report on today’s ten most important stocks including Cisco, Electronic Arts and Apple. (Source: Bloomberg)

We will get you caught up.


2, sysco, down 1.5% as they agreed to by force fire.

And it may help sysco to win more business as customers beef up networks.

Let's talk about north folks southern, the railroad's stock is down about one fraction.

About 2/3 of 1%. earnings were estimated at $1.47 per share on a revenue of 2.3 $5 million.

Stocks down 4% in travellers after they reported a book value drop because of higher interest rates, pressuring bond portfolios.

Flipping from $68 earlier as they announced second quarter results.

Number seven, electronic arts, trading flat ahead of first quarter earnings reports, a result of loss of 69 cents per share on that news, $454 billion.

Keep it here, you have those results.

Peabody, shares jumping the most after the coal producer reported a surprise profit for the second quarter.

U.s. money costs predicted to drop by 3% this year.

Highest since 2008, second quarter profits came in above estimates, announcing plans to sell 425 restaurants and franchises, raising their dividends by 5 cents.

I was looking at this stock, it jumped 54% year to date.


Looking at fries like that, i can understand why.

You always say that at this time of the day.

I love french fries.

#4, at&t, up nearly 1%. we are also keeping an eye on the margins of smartphone sales.

We will dig into those results.

Lockheed martin is up 2% today, raising their profit forecast as budget cuts earn less than they had predicted.

Programs like the f 35 fighter jets so far survived the cut and were designed to boost profits.

Little changed, the spinoff or sale of the chemicals unit for teflon coating, allowing you to focus less on physical products than on shareholders return.

Pretty sure that you get this by now, number one is apple.

It is actually down by 1.7% right now.

Earnings were released right after the bell.

The big question mark for investors, smartphone demand falling and closing in on saturation levels, we are watching those numbers coming out momentarily.

Looking at a market that is flat

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