The Top Ten Stocks for July 23

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July 23 (Bloomberg) -- Bloomberg's Trish Regan, Julie Hyman and Matt Miller report on today’s top ten stocks on “Street Smart.” (Source: Bloomberg)

Julie hyman.

Number 10 is delta airlines.

Up four percent, kicking off airline earnings with the beat.

Thanks to strong domestic demand . looking forward to those transportation numbers.

Number nine, whirlpool up after a five-month low.

The appliance maker fell almost what -- almost 10%, saying sales were down almost every region, including north america.

It cut its full-year forecast.

Number eight, surgical is up 17%. the maker of robotic surgery systems posted declining revenues, but results were still stronger than analyst estimated.

Intuitive surgical also getting an upgrade.

Glaxosmithkline is getting -- is up six percent.

They missed estimates and cut the forecast for the year.

Move the markets in the u.s. for its best-selling product, advair . shares are touching a nine-month low.

Keying digital entertainment is down six percent.

It is behind the game candy crash.

Shares are tumbling and bank of america maryland cut shares to neutral.

They are blaming games for the downgrade.

Number five is herbalife, down about three percent.

The stock yesterday surged more than 25 were sent, even as activist investor bill ackman made his presentation condemning the stock.

Once again, condemning the company has a fraudulent pyramid scheme.

Shares are up about 50% since he first revealed his $1 million short against the company.

Although to be fair, he revealed his short and shares are up 50% since then, but as he was building up his short, the shares were higher.

In other words, once he revealed the short, then people went in.

People i, o, bill ackman likes the stock -- hates the stock, i'm going to buy it.

Revenue coming in essentially in line to my boeing boosted its earnings guidance for the year.

Boosted by strong jet orders.

Number three, georgia bank of three percent.

The new york fed found issues with the firm's financial reporting and oversight according to a report in the wall street journal.

Georgia bank has pledged to make -- deutsche bank has pledged to make stricter compliance.

Bikes and number two, microsoft fell short of estimates in the fiscal third quarter.

But revenue was a 17% jump in the same time last year.

They did touch a 14 year high.

Our number one stock of the days apple.

Apple up two percent after posting its second straight profit gains in earnings by a nickel.

Profits rose 12% due to jumps in sales of iphones and ipads.

Shares hitting their highest level and september, 2012. here we are coming up on the

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