The Top Ten Stocks for July 22

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July 22 (Bloomberg) -- Bloomberg's Trish Regan, Olivia Sterns and Matt Miller report on today’s top ten stocks on “Street Smart.” (Source: Bloomberg)

Your top 10. i am with matt miller and olivia sterns.

Number 10 is harley davidson, reporting better than estimated second-quarter profit, but cut its full-year protest citing we can expect in u.s. sales and a delay getting its newest bike into u.s. showrooms.

They had a five-month low.

Number nine is altria, the largest seller of tobacco in the u.s.. they missed second-quarter estimates.

They raised prices in may and they have been cutting costs to offset anti-smoking trends.

They might face increased china -- competition with a reynolds and laurel are urge her.

-- merger.

Travelers fell 26% on catastrophe cost.

The u.s. was hit with 300 tornadoes last month compared to 125 one year earlier.

Number seven is comcast.

The cable giant's profit rose 7%. comcast adding 200-3000 broadband customers in the quarter, with shares hitting a five-month high today.

Number six, coca-cola.

The beverage giant is falling flat after reporting second-quarter sales below estimates.

Coca-cola is reliant on overseas market for growth as demand for juice and diet coke in america is falling.

Number five, chipotle, up 12%. the burrito giant topping earnings estimates.

Sales got a list from a nationwide increase in and you prices fully rolled out at the end of the period.

Shares hitting an all-time high today, and having the best day october, 2013. hungry?

They're also thinking about getting into a pizzeria, a low-calorie pizzeria.

Do you eat their?

I do not eat there very often . because he is not into fast food.

He criticizes me for eating at the company i will talk about next.

I.e. a plain hamburger at mcdonald's -- i eat a plain hamburger at mcdonald's. mcdonald's u.s. same-store sales fell 1.5%. number three, credit suisse, down 3%. the bank posting its biggest quarterly loss since 2008, heard by a $2.6 million fine to settle a u.s. tax probe.

Netflix, my other employer, since i start in "orange is the new black," is down saying -- with a move potentially hurting full-year profit.

The shares are having the worst day in more than two months.

How was present?



I got back together with the woman i was supposed to be.

Number one stock of the day, herbalife surging.

Painful here.

Almost 25%. unreal.


Bill ackman's presentation on the nutrition company not deterring investors.

Shares enjoying thelow hitting a two week high, rebounding up your yesterday's significant 30% loss.

Stocks rebounding from yesterday

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