The Top Ten Stocks for July 2

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July 2 (Bloomberg) -- Bloomberg's Trish Regan, Julie Hyman and Alix Steel report on today's ten most important stocks on “Street Smart.” (Source: Bloomberg)

Coming in at number 10 is anheuser-busch -- in the red.

[indiscernible] anheuser has battled for branding rights for over a century.

At the home of the original budweiser.

Number nine, speaking of booze -- the spirits maker posting numbers that beat estimates.

Because of improvement in the beer business, the company also raised employer outlook importing more corona.

To break, bank of america, up almost 2%. a new price target of $18. deutsche bank citing higher interest rates and an improving economy.

Number seven is jpmorgan, down over 1%. ceo jamie diamond says he will begin treatment for throat cancer.

This news is raising questions from investors about succession plans of the world's largest u.s. bank.

Number 6 -- a supermarket chain kroger purchasing the online retailer for $280 million.

Kroger has been boosting revenue through the sales of vitamins and health and nutrition products.

The you guys know that one?

Number five is twitter -- down slightly.

The company trying to build a new executive dream team, hiring a new chief financial officer yesterday and the ceo is hoping revamping the board can help improve water's slowing growth which is causing the stock to tumble as much as 34% this year.

This raises the question -- how many executives do you reshuffle and how long do you have them to prove that the reshuffle actually work for investors line up again?

There have been four.

He is going to be the guy who can communicate and bridge the gap between wall street and silicon valley.

And make money?

Good point.

Number four, facebook down 2%. the giant is being investigated by u.k.'s data protection authority after a study showed a psychological experiment influenced what users saw on the news feed.

It altered the number of positive and negative comments on almost 700,000 users in terms of what they saw with their newsfeed.

A company researcher has apologized will stop t-mobile is number three, down slightly.

The company is being sued by the federal trade commission on claims they placed unauthorized charges on customer bills.

T-mobile said they were subscriptions lycoris scope information sent via text message.

We have more on the story and the roundup.

Number two is blackstone group, up slightly.

They are said to be buying a park avenue tower for $750 million.

The law firm called hastings will vacate in 2016, allowing blackstone the opportunity to raise rent.

The property consists of 616,000 square feet and was built in 1986. there is the bell.

We are at our number one stock of the day -- tyson, the largest meat producer has agreed to acquire hill shyer brands will stop this after he'll sure scrapped its planned pinnacle deal and here we are.

Another day, another record.


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