The Top Ten Stocks for July 19

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July 19 (Bloomberg) -- Bloomberg’s Trish Regan, Julie Hyman and Adam Johnson report on today’s ten most important stocks including Google, Chipotle and GE. (Source: Bloomberg)

Don't worry.

We are getting you caught up on the only stocks need to know about today.

Google down nearly 2% a surprise earnings miss.

The move to mobile is hurting their average.

The armored cost per click cell 6% as more marketers aim to reach consumers with smartphones and tablets that's the average cost per click fell.

Plunging the most in nearly one year as the hospital cuts operating 2013 forecasts.

Lower admissions are hurting profits.

Number eight is chipotle.

The chain posted second-quarter profits to beat analyst estimates as an increase in traffic boosted sales and established restaurant and they have also started serving tofu and petrone margaritas.

Not tokyo and petrone margaritas.

-- not tofu and patron.

They are reportedly working with goldman sachs on a bid for the cable giant.

Time warner cable rejected an informal proposal by charter him alone earlier this year.

Advanced micro devices, amd, down 14% forecasting a drop in third-quarter gross margins even as they project higher sales.

They are looking to get 20% of their revenue for new sources including game console processors.

Opentable is down after yelp acquired seat me, a web and ipad based reservation service.

This follows on yelp making a deal with eat24 and they can just click through and order food.

They already had an agreement with opentable.

They are expanding their offerings.

Have you ever had a situation where you call a restaurant and they say, i'm sorry, we are totally booked and then you go to opentable and you are able to get in.

Why were they just not honest ia?

Call them out, adam.

Keep them honest.

Four is honeywell.

Topping estimates on transportation and energy related sales.

Honeywell is on a four year streak of holding down costs and introducing new products such as advanced natural gas filters.

Cody runs a very tight ship.

Slumber j -- schlumberger will buy back $10 million worth of shares.

They are also reporting second- quarter profit climbed 49% and is forecasting double-digit customer spending increases on crude exploration.

2, 1 of the stocks responsible for the declines we are seeing today particularly in technology, microsoft down 11%, the biggest one-day drop since january 2000 nine.

Weak demand for pcs causing for the quarter profits to miss by the biggest margin in at least a decade.

Results were also hurt by a $900 million write-down for surface inventory.

Coming up for the number one stock of the day -- ge, general electric.

They are up about 5%, the most they have jumped since 2011 listing second-quarter profits beating analyst estimates.

Demand for jet engines and gas equipment sending their order back log to a record.

Here we are at the close trading this friday afternoon.

Flatline on the s&p 500 but still trading up 2.7 points.

Another record for the s and p. the dow jones industrial average struggling a little bit.

We will see how that pans, but pretty much a flatline.

The nasdaq is the one who suffered after the tech earnings from google and microsoft.

None of that looking good.

Let's get back to the breaking we have this afternoon.

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