The Top Ten Stocks for July 18

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July 18 (Bloomberg) -- Bloomberg's Trish Regan, Alix Steel and Matt Miller report on today’s top ten stocks on “Street Smart.” (Source: Bloomberg)

Amazon up two percent, the economic giant introducing another incentive for customers, allowing kindle customers to download e-books for $99 a month.

Hewlett-packard with a roughly one percent gain.

Ceo meg whitman was named chairman of the board.

Whitworth is stepping down for health reasons.

Initially the alcoa ceo and chairman was added to the board yesterday as well.

Number eight is ibm.

Losses of one percent earlier.

Big blue posted another quarter of falling revenue.

That's nine in a row if you are keeping count.

Number seven is apple, up one percent.

The company's longest-serving director has announced his retirement.

He will be replaced by vice chairman xu wagner.

This is the apple's first change in board since 2011. down 16%, the chipmaker fell one penny below estimates or one third.

The current quarter revenue missed as well.

They failed to match superb earnings from intel earlier this week two in part two smaller exposure to the pc market.

The shares are having their worst day in more than nine years.

Google profits -- profits were worse than expected.

The company sold more advertising alongside web search results.

They made less per click because they rotated to mobile.

I heard tom keene this morning saying they now have 113% of the search market.

That's amazing.

Recs glad to hear that.

My friend alan mulally just started on the board, so i will put in a good word.

This guy is connected.

Demand in factory automated equipment saw a rise.

Honeywell forecasted faster growth and margin improvement.

Petsmart up slightly.

The pet supply retailers phases activist shareholder pressure according to the wall street journal.

Earlier this month, janet harner's revealed it held a nearly 10% stake in the company.

Number two, abbvie is making a takeover bid for shire.

Number one, general electric down one percent.

Profits matched analyst estimates, buoyed by industrial margins as the company heads toward an ipo for its financial units this month.

Ge had a rough 2014, down five percent heading into today.

Good news for the company did not mean much today.

S&p closing 1977, almost when he

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