The Top Ten Stocks for July 14

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July 14 (Bloomberg) -- Bloomberg's Trish Regan, Matt Miller and Julie Hyman report on today’s top ten stocks on “Street Smart.” (Source: Bloomberg)

Apple up over one percent, stops upgraded.

Tim cook has solidified the strategy.

Apple is denying charges by china that location tracking software in the iphones represents a threat to national security in that country.

He solidified his strategy and regained the confidence of shareholders.

Number nine, abbott labs in the green.

A 5.3 billion dollars deal includes the formation of a new publicly traded company.

Abbott will receive equity ownership of about 21% in the newly formed entity.

The companies inching closer to buying shyer.

Shareholders would own about 25% under the latest bid.

It would be the biggest pharmaceutical takeover outside the u.s. this year.

Number seven, the stock hitting a three-month low.

After preliminary second-quarter results fell before wall street estimates, riverbed said expectations fell short due to longer sales cycles on some larger deals.

Shares touching a two-week high, despite nomura downgrading the travel site to neutral from buy.

Noting that 30% year-to-date gain in the stock for trip advisor.

It is a good resource.

Have you ever used it?

Absolutely not.

I have a travel agent.

It is usually spot on, a lot of the recommendations.

I have used it, and yes, it is great.

Number five is ebay, down just slightly.

The companies working with sotheby's to make antiques and collectibles available online.

Ebay hopes their new site will be a new source of growth.

Sotheby's has been criticized for trying to push forward.

I like the use of the term " anchor tenant." it makes me feel so modern.

Number four is knowing.

It is said to be near a $9 billion -- number four is boeing.

Number three, weatherford international up almost three percent.

They struck a deal to sell russian and venezuelan assets.

The amount of the deal which will require a series of approvals was not disclosed.

Number two is widely a, up almost eight percent.

This buying kodiak oil and gas.

The deal will vault whiting ahead of continental resources as the premier oil supplier in the bachman shale.

The number one stock of the day is cityi, due to the $3.7 billion in the mortgage bond deal with u.s. authorities.

The stock enjoying its best day in three months.

Stock closing out the day.

That is a real deterrent that

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