The Top Ten Stocks for July 1

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July 1 (Bloomberg) -- Bloomberg's Trish Regan and Julie Hyman report on today's ten most important stocks on “Street Smart.” (Source: Bloomberg)

One percent.

The coffee maker struck an agreement with nestle which would bring the first cake up to market that combines coffee and kramer.

The company is going to start selling original and french vanilla flavor cake cups in the fall.

I love all of these incremental innovations will stop goldman sachs is down to number nine, downgraded by sanford bernstein.

They cut the price target to 180 from 205. they say they are currently hobbled in sales and trading.

A sixth season of community canceled by nbc will air on yahoo!

Screen sasol.

The show features a group of students at a community college.

The stock is still down more than 12%. number seven, the company formerly ending an agreement to end when he'll sure brands.

And the goal of product total loser -- they are set to receive a breakup fee.

Number six, urban outfitters down, after being downgraded from outperform.

More bad news for a stock that was already down.

Number five, go pro is up again.

The camera maker hired for a fourth straight day -- higher after a fourth straight day.

They say users shared videos will fuel profit growth and shares are up 70% since their market debut.

In four sessions, it has risen numeral -- it has risen 70%. incredible demand for this.

People really, really like it.

It makes you wonder if they underpriced it.

I guess if people like something, they can actually reach out and touch it first the social media assets that are not as tangible.

And it has a good social media element to it.

Before his las vegas sands -- casinos higher today despite gambling revenue in macau falling in june, marking the first decline in more than four years.

Analysts say reporting on the world cup is diverting people away from casinos.

Netflix up, goldman is -- goldman sachs upgraded them, seeing an opportunity for netflix to increase profit margins as it consumer base rose larger.

The stock eating an all-time high.

American apparel is number two, down almost 6%. the ousted ceo fueling his fight with the board for firing him.

He teamed up with standard general to by 27 million more shares in the company's long legal battle.

Coming up on the number one stock for the day -- it is general motors -- up 2%. they recalledthe company recalled another eight point 45 million vehicles topping the wrecker for u.s. agencies in a calendar year.

It came just hours after ken feinberg outlined his plan for the company and its previous existence.

And auto sales, it killed it.

Really surprising numbers.

What do you know?

They came in positive.

Another record day on wall street.

Open down the s&p 500 closing at

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