The Top Ten Stocks for Jan. 9

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Jan. 9 (Bloomberg) –- Bloomberg’s Trish Regan, Adam Johnson and Matt Miller report on today’s ten most important stocks including Macy’s, Ford and Twitter. (Source: Bloomberg)

Ford is coming in.

25%, citing an improved balance sheet.

The announcement came after the ceo says the plant to stay with ford at least through the end of the year.

Matt miller has been telling me that for a while.

He always says that.

He says it because he means it and it is obviously true.

Who would question him?

Not i. family dollar lowering its forecast for 2014. its earnings missed assessments.

Michael bloom has left the company to pursue other interests.

L brands are down four percent, and the owner of victoria secret cutting fourth-quarter profit forecasts after reporting disappointing sales.

Merchandise margins were lower than expected.

You know you cannot actually read.

Is this the new fashion show?

This is the new one.

I did not go to this one.

I have gone to every victoria's secret fashion show for five years and i skipped this one.

It looks like it was pretty good, actually.

Number seven, jcpenney is rallying four percent.

A recommended upgrade to the retailer, they are citing jcpenney's decision -- they say the company is doing what it should be doing.

Twitter dropping three percent today.

A fourth straight day.

Today, an analyst started the stock with a valuation.

Shares at twitter are down 15% since monday and it is now trading under 300 times cash flow.

Down there, 290 times.

Number five, world wrestling entertainment shares are up two percent.

It introduces its first ever 24/7 streaming network third it will launch in the u.s. monday, february 21, featuring all 12 wwe live pay-per-view events, including wrestlemania.

Do you know who, i am pretty sure, there is a great tie to finance.

Meredith whitney's husband is actually a wrestler.

I do not know.

Is he a wrestler?

Whatever he is doing, obviously, they are not really doing a lot of stuff, you do not really climb up a tower and jump on some dude just with your elbow, but it is a very physical thing they do and they do not -- they do get injured.

It is athletic and they get injured and some people are finding it entertaining.

We will talk about dabbing.

Trading flat naming as the chief creative officer.

Is in charge of shaping and driving the mainstream use of 3- d printing.

You know matt miller is back in the house when we've only made it through number seven.

Chatty cathy.

Apple, number three.

Down 1% agreeing to retain a mediator with rival samsung over the smartphone technology.

They have spent hundreds in legal fees.

And they will keep doing it.

Macy's up 7% after strong holiday sales and forecasting profits for the next fiscal year.

Here's the headline.

Cutting 2500 jobs and closing five stores.

Number one stock of the day, bed bath and beyond.

Plunging 12% after they reported quarterly net income and forecasting.

Results including most of the black friday shopping weekend which saw spending declined the most sense 2009. here we are.

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